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VIDEO: ‘Party Princess’ Keeps Punching Guy And Laughs, So He Hits Her Back.

For some young people, excessive drinking is a serious issue. The mind-altering beverage, when combined with surging hormones and an immature mental process, often results in unfavorable outcomes. In one instance, a “party princess” believed she could do whatever she wanted without facing repercussions thanks to liquid courage. She soon discovered, nevertheless, that she had been terribly incorrect.

The footage was posted with the caption, “Princesses like this one think they can get away with murder.” In the footage, the female seems to be highly inebriated and set on a violent fight with a young guy at a small party.

He eventually had enough after the female delivered numerous strikes to the guy’s head, landing at least one on his face while giggling the whole time. He sprang to his feet, ready to defend himself if necessary. Meanwhile, her shirt proclaims that “Real Women Drink Beer,” yet a genuine woman would keep her hands to herself rather than engage in an unjustified physical brawl. But I digress.

Another gentleman at the party wraps his arms around the aggressive female in a somewhat restricting way in an effort to calm the rapidly rising situation, while she continues to antagonize the person she just popped in the face. Ultimately, the irritated man snaps, leaps forward, and slugs her in the mouth.

As predicted, the man’s friends promptly criticized him for crossing the line. Folks tend to forget that before the entire “never hit a lady” thing, a lady would never hit a guy since it was unladylike. Should women be treated the same as men when they start behaving like men? Would anybody have an issue with this video, whether they were both boys or both girls? Most likely not.

The swing must have had considerable power behind it since it led to the girl getting a bleeding lip later in the footage. Have you seen how her demeanor changes after being hit? She transitions from courageous to stunned. When she was on the receiving end, the scenario was no longer amusing.

The video, which has gone viral on social media, has sparked heated discussion. While some argue that this proves chivalry is gone, others argue that the “party princess” should have behaved more like a lady if she wanted to be treated as one. We also can’t overlook the fact that she confesses to being seventeen, which means she should never have been in this circumstance in the first place. What happened to her parents?

There’s no denying that she provoked the man who finally attacked her, but there were times when he could have simply walked away and left the party. Furthermore, even if you feel she deserved it, her arms were tied down by her side by the time he decided to pop her in the mouth. However, the video raises a few additional fair points. Is it ever okay to strike a woman? Do males have the right to self-defense irrespective of the gender of their assailant?

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