Couple Arrested After 10-Yr-Old Son Reportedly Found Searching For Food.

According to reports, a Georgia couple was arrested when their 10-year-old kid, who weighed just 36 pounds, was seen wandering in their neighborhood towards a grocery shop in search of food.

Tyler and Krista Schindley were still being detained in the Spalding County Jail on Wednesday after a judge rejected their release earlier in the week. After police responded to a 911 call in Gryphon on Friday, the couple’s kid informed cops he was hungry and heading to a neighboring Kroger to purchase food, and he requested officials please not make him go back.

She does not understand it as a mother. It breaks one’s heart as a human being, Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Marie Broder said during a news conference on Tuesday.

She continued that they aren’t sharing any photos of this kid for obvious reasons, but she will tell one, these pictures are extremely awful, and anybody with a human heart who looks at them should be shaken to their core.

According to jail records, Tyler Schindley, 46, and Krista Schindley, 47, are facing charges of cruelty to children, attempted murder, and false imprisonment.

She truly believes that if he had not gotten out of the home, this case would have been very different, Broder said Tuesday.

After his discovery, the youngster — described by authorities as thin with discolored skin and visible wounds — was transferred to a local hospital for treatment of starvation and a low heart rate.

According to an affidavit, the pair purposefully withheld meals from the youngster and confined him in his bedroom without access to lighting, toilet paper, or human contact, among other basic requirements.

According to court records, the youngster suffered “dental injuries” and “disfiguration” as a consequence of his parents’ mistreatment.

The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services is presently caring for four more kids discovered within the Schindleys’ house.

A neighbor next door informed that she was concerned about the youngsters.

Kim Seigler expressed that it’s absolutely awful. That someone would be like this, and the fact that they are her next-door neighbor, makes her question whether she should have been more vigilant.

The youngster is currently said to be in good health.

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