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Brooke Shields reveals she declined to sleep with JFK Jr. after their first & only date.

Brooke Shields has said that she turned down JFK Jr.’s desire for sex after they went on a date together.

The actress and model claims she met the late president’s son while skiing in Aspen, Colorado, and admits she had a great love for him for years.

Shields, 57, told Howard Stern that when she was a child, her mom, Teri Shields, would point out John F. Kennedy Jr. and say, That’s the boy she is going to marry.

When the two eventually met, there were no sparks flying. Shields told Stern that the couple skied together throughout the trip, but when she ‘couldn’t get off’ on a mountain, he didn’t give her any assistance.

However, Shields consented to go on a date with JFK Jr., but it again did not seem to go well.

She said that he kept saying she looked like his mother, which was very odd; it was a praise, but also like, she didn’t understand how to feel about this.

Shields said that the date included her returning to his ski chalet after attending a Kennedy family drinks event, and it was here that they kissed.

Although the rest of the evening was questionable, Brooke felt the kiss was amazing, calling it the sweetest kiss she has ever had in her life.

She remarked that was beyond disappointing. The lips are stunning, as are the face and figure of the guy, and he was down to earth.

Shields said that when he offered to move things into the bedroom, she ‘froze’ and opted against it due to her affection for him.

She said she was terrified of getting injured because if she slept with him, she would have given him her whole world, her heart, and her everything.

JFK Jr. then left Shields to make her own arrangements to get home, which she described as less than gallant.

Shields bumped into him the following day while out on the slopes, but he ‘didn’t speak’ to her, which she described as a relief since it let her understand that not having sex with him was the correct decision.

The actress said that her first response to being ignored was, Thank God, because he may not have spoken to her even if she had [slept with him]. With that, he revealed his true colors.

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