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Woman launches desperate search for man who fathered her child.

A pregnant British lady is on the hunt for a Scottish guy who fathered her kid after a drunken one-night fling while on vacation in Tenerife.

Sarah-Jayne Snow, 30, was ‘shocked and horrified’ to learn she was pregnant after a 5 a.m. affair with the 19-year-old Scot in August.

Ms. Snow is attempting to locate the guy, whom she suspects is from Glasgow, in order to inform him that he is about to become a dad next month.

The East Lothian lady released a TikTok video, which has already gone viral with over two million views, in which she shared a reel of images, including one of him kissing her on the cheek.

Anyone know this man from Glasgow she met in Tenerife on August, 5 and 6? He works in Braehead Shopping Mall, or did, not sure anymore. Ms. Snow posted with the video.

The TikTok also featured images of her sonogram and Tenerife’s Veronica Strip, where the two are believed to have collided.

@sarah.jayne.snow Anyone know this guy from Glasgow I met in Tenerife 5/6th August, he works in Braehead Shopping Centre (or did, not sure anymore) #helpmefindhim #getthisonhisfyp #findhim #fyp #tenerife #glasgow #holiday ♬ Never Forget You – Noisettes

Ms. Snow has already posted another TikTok showing off her pregnant belly, as well as photos of her ultrasounds and a blue teddy bear.

Ms. Snow described the evening as a consensual thing between two inebriated adults.

She told how they went their own ways after that, preferring not to exchange contact information at the moment.

When she subsequently discovered she was pregnant, she claimed she felt she had to attempt to locate him.

She expressed that she can care for her kid on her own, but she doesn’t want him to feel that he doesn’t know who his dad is.

What she wants is for the father and his family to be aware so that they may participate if they like.

Ms Snow was on vacation with her sister in the sunny tourist hotspot when she found herself alone on Tenerife’s Veronica’s Strip around 5 a.m.

The anonymous adolescent approached the pregnant woman, who was 29 at the time, and offered to escort her home.

She claimed that she was hesitant to pursue things further owing to the ten-year age difference, but decided to do so after Facetiming her sister and photographing the guy for safety.

She truly believed she was a lot more inebriated than him. They only slept together because he stopped her on the street and urged her to accompany him, she claimed.

She didn’t approach him since she was clearly inebriated.

The daycare worker said that a long-lasting hangover prevented her from using emergency contraception and that she was surprised to learn she was pregnant.

She chose to keep the baby after giving it some thought, and despite not knowing the dad, she says she is “ready to be a mother.”

Ms. Snow adds that her plea for the dad is not for monetary benefit, and that, although she does not envision them ever being in a relationship, she is open to having him at the birth at the end of April if he demonstrates a desire to be a part of the baby’s life.

She hopes that her plea will assist in locating the soon-to-be dad, as she does not want her kid to miss out on love from both sides.

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