Brothers Charged For Beating Stepfather To Death After He Sexually Abused Their Sister.

18 years old Alejandro and Christian Trevino are in jail for beating their stepfather Gabriel Quintanilla, 42, to death after he sexually abused their 9-year-old sister. Alexandro and Christian are half-siblings to their sister and have different mothers.

Gabriel was discovered dead in a field in McAllen by a farmer. He was discovered with extensive blunt force injury to his skull. Police alleged that he was attacked prior to his death. Their family friend Juan Eduardo Melendez, 18, is also accused of the same.

At the time of his death, Gabriel, the stepfather was wanted for on-going sexual abuse of a kid and assault family violence.

According to police, the 9-year-old kid complained about Gabriel sexually touching her. When brothers Alexandro and Christian Trevino got to know, they became furious and confronted Gabriel at the residence. A physical fight followed between the three and the victim Gabriel left the location on foot. According to police, Christian chased Gabriel to an apartment complex down the road, where a second attack took place involving Alexandro and the driver of a red Dodge Charger, Juan Eduardo Melendez.

According to police, the three accused then left the sight, swapped vehicles and returned where they discovered Gabriel wandering unaccompanied and injured. He was physically attacked the third time with brass knuckles and suffered severe trauma on his head and skull. Gabriel was then laden into the truck and discarded in a field outside McAllen. The authorities believe that he might have been alive when he was left in the field.

As per Hidalgo County archives, Melendez is suspect of engaging in prearranged criminal action, murder, aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon and marijuana possession. Christian is suspect of serious assault, murder and engaging in prearranged criminal activity, while Alejandro is charged with serious assault and engaging in prearranged criminal behaviour.

According to Deputy Chief Juan Gonzalez, Alejandro is not charged with capital murder because his brother and Melendez are suspected of delivering the deadly blows. 

All three teenagers were prosecuted. While Christian and Melendez faced the court, Alexandro kept his head down for the rest of the prosecution.

Alexandro is being imprisoned on a $1 million bail while Christian is being held on a $1.5 million bond. Melendez is being imprisoned on a bail of $1,502,000 million.

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