Armed Robber Refuses To Take Money From Elderly Woman And Plants A Kiss On Her Forehead Instead.

We generally think of burglars as callous criminals who break into other people’s homes and take from them with no remorse. However, an armed robbery occurred in Brazil calls this idea into question. An armed robber and an old woman experienced a moment of goodwill at an event that was designed to instill dread. 

In the afternoon, two armed thieves broke into a drugstore. When the two guys entered the drugstore, they demanded cash from the staff. The next thing that happened was unexpected. When an old client at the store offered the thief cash, he politely declined and kissed her on the forehead. 

The woman approached the burglars as they were busy taking cash from other staff, according to store owner Samuel Almeida. He said that the woman urged one of the robbers to take her cash as well. “No, ma’am, you may be quiet; I don’t want your money,” he responded, calming her down. As shown in the video, he then planted a kiss on her forehead as his accomplice continued to pillage the area. 

According to the CCTV camera, there was just a single staff member and the old woman in the store at the time of the heist. When the thieves entered the drugstore, they were clothed in tee shirts and black helmets, which startled the middle-aged staff. While the criminals carried out their plan, the poor victim bowed down and submitted. 

One man approached the pay register, while the other stood there with two weapons in his hands. The thief was also spotted grabbing products in addition to the cash. While all of this was going on, the old lady stood there terrified, watching the robbery take place. She is seen flinging her hands up in the air, apparently requesting that the thief take her cash as well. Instead, he kissed the woman on the forehead and went about his business. The video also shows the woman conversing with the thief as the crime is being committed. 

According to the business owner, the robbers made off with $240 and other items. Officers are currently searching for suspects in the area. This situation is strange, and may not be able to excuse the robbery only on the basis of charity. However, we can all agree that it is unique. 

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