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Bruce Willis’ Two Families United In The Midst Of His Health Battle — Friends And Colleagues United In Prayer.

Bruce Willis, star of “Moonlighting,” was diagnosed with aphasia in March 2022. Since then, his mixed family, including his ex-wife Demi Moore, has rallied behind him during this trying time.

The retired actor has five daughters and has been married twice. His first marriage was to Moore, whom he married on the spur of the moment in November 1987.

Although it was his first marriage, it was the actress’s second. Moore was married to singer Freddy Moore from 1980 to 1985. After that, she went out with “Die Hard” actor John McClane.

Moore and Willis married after just a year of dating. Moore, on the other hand, emphasized that they were not in a rush to exchange wedding vows.

Moore found out she was pregnant with their first child the following month. Rumer, their first child, was born on August 16, 1988. Their second daughter, Scout, was born in 1991, and their third daughter, Tallulah, was born in 1994.

After becoming parents to three children, the Hollywood couple’s marriage had difficulties, resulting in a divorce filing. Willis talked honestly about the split in a December 2000 interview.

When asked what sparked his marriage to Moore, the German native claimed he was still trying to figure things out. At the same time, he revealed his feelings for his children’s mother.

Willis and Moore divorced in 2000 after they separated in June 1998. Even though they were no longer together, they took care of their kids together and were known as the nicest ex-couples in entertainment. Moore and his children even joined their father at the 2001 premiere of “Bandits” to show their support.

When questioned about her association with Willis, Moore said that as a child of divorced parents, she and her brother were often caught in the thick of it all, and she didn’t want her girls to grow up in the same poisonous atmosphere she did.

Moore explained that she did not marry and have children, but instead divorced, remarried, and became friends with her ex-husband.

Moore got married to actor Ashton Kutcher in 2005, but her relationship with Willis stayed strong. She claimed that she made her connection with him work since they had children together.

Moore and Kutcher separated in 2015, but she and Willis remained friends. She said that since they didn’t have to pick, it was a win-win scenario for their brood.

Meanwhile, Willis married model Emma Heming in 2009. Mabel and Evelyn, the couple’s children, were born together.

In April 2020, the dad of five and Moore were holed up in the same home with their kids during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The couple and their youngest daughter, Tallulah, shared a family photo on social media, which included Tallulah’s boyfriend and her beloved dog.

Moore and Willis were dressed in identical green-striped pajamas in the photo. Their youngster stated in the post that they had all been isolated in the same home for 27 days. Heming, Willis’ current wife, liked the photo.

In March 2019, Heming and the father of her children renewed their wedding vows to mark their tenth wedding anniversary. The mom of two added that the pair chose to commemorate the anniversary for their small children and that it was fun to celebrate their love in their presence.

The British-American native said that having their kids be flower girls was “essential” to her and Willis in making them feel involved in the occasion. She went on to say that ten years with their father was a personal milestone for them, and they wanted to celebrate their time together.

Willis’ heterogeneous family gathered to celebrate since his little kids and older siblings are close. Heming claims that when Evelyn and Mabel visit their elder half-sisters, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah, she and her husband become nearly nonexistent.

Moore was also present during the vow renewal, which Heming was pleased about.

Heming stated her “respect” for Moore and her appreciation for how she and Willis prioritized their family after their divorce to guarantee a seamless transition. The “Perfume” actress said that the experience of the duet helped her grow and learn.

Having said that, she highlighted how important it was for Moore to be there at their wedding, just as she was when they originally married.

Even though Willis seemed to have made a loving, close-knit mixed family, he has been diagnosed with aphasia, which is a speech disorder. In November 2022, Willis’ pal Sylvester Stallone provided an update on his failing health and revealed that Bruce is going through some really trying days. As a result, he’s been rather isolated. It’s heartbreaking.

After the diagnosis of Willis in March 2022, the “Rocky” actor sent a poignant message on Instagram, wishing his co-star well. Stallone commented beside a throwback picture of the duo that he was praying for the actor and his loved ones.

Moore, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah Willis all said in a joint statement that the “RED” star would no longer perform because of his illness. They promised to be there for him as a solid family unit.

Celebrities sent comments on the family’s Instagram postings, including Jamie Lee Curtis. Rita Wilson expressed her sadness at the news and thanked the family for sharing it with the public.

Matthew Perry shared his grief on Twitter, noting that Willis is still the coolest dude he has ever seen. He said that he would continue to pray for him.

Tallulah posted a cute photo of herself and her parents dressed in plaid shirts and festive jumpers. She posed, snuggling up to her mother’s favorite dog, Pilaf, and embracing her from behind. Willis was seen in the photo smiling and staring down at the dog.

Willis, Heming, and the kids were in the spirit of the season. Willis’ wife posted photos of herself and her kids decorating their Christmas tree at home. One of the photos shows Evelyn and Mabel taking turns decorating the tree.

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