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Georgia Pastor Gives Pregnant Waffle House Waitress Tip Of A Lifetime: ‘Makes Me Wanna Get Back In Church’

Hannah Hill, a pregnant waitress, was working a shift at a Waffle House in Stockbridge when she got a large tip from Bishop Eusebio Phelps, a local minister at New Faith Christian Church. The compassionate pastor offered the young lady $40 after walking into the Waffle House to pick up his breakfast, much to Hannah’s astonishment.

She was very lovely on the phone, and when he went there, he paid for his dinner and instructed her to keep the change, Bishop Phelps remembered. And then, when he looked at her, he asked if she was pregnant; she answered yes, so he was just very prompted to give her the rest of the cash that he had in his pocket, which was roughly $40, he recalled, but he’d soon feel forced to do much more.

He handed her the $40 and told her that he simply wanted to bless her so that she could purchase something for the baby, Phelps recounted, but the young waitress and her pregnant kid weighed on his mind, particularly after discovering the name Hannah planned to give her unborn boy.

After thanking Phelps for the large gratuity, Hannah revealed that she wanted to name the baby Samual, which happened to be the name of Phelps’ son, who died in Atlanta seven years earlier. With the anniversary of his son’s death coming, this news struck an especially sad chord with Phelps.

Despite Hannah’s gratitude for Phelps’ gift, the pastor felt obliged to do more, so he went home and planned a scheme with his wife without Hannah’s knowledge. In fact, she wouldn’t know what the guy had done until she got a call telling her she needed to hurry down to the Waffle House right away.

Hannah came to the Waffle House after getting a phone call from her mother-in-law ordering her to hurry down there. She was welcomed by Phelps and other customers who were preparing to give her another surprise—a cheque for more than $12,000 that the pastor had raised for her.

Phelps went home and told his wife what happened, after seeing Hannah for the first time. He said he wanted to raise a thousand dollars to give to Hannah so she can purchase anything she needs for the baby, and he went out to achieve that aim, never expecting it to become far more than he had ever dreamed.

The kind pastor’s post on Facebook revealing his desire to aid the destitute mom attracted more than $12,000 in contributions from the community. That was the answer to Hannah’s prayers, unbeknownst to the pastor or the others who donated. Having one kid already, the young mother was “very worried” about what life would be like when the next baby came.

The pregnant waitress said that she had a lot going on and didn’t really pray that much. She is not religious, wasn’t reared in the church, doesn’t attend church very often, and hasn’t opened a Bible in forever. But she has been praying recently. This makes her want to go back to church, she said of the unexpected gift. The act, though, moved more than just Hannah.

A Waffle House representative told that they are extremely grateful to Bishop Phelps and everyone else who contributed on behalf of their colleague, Hannah Hill. Their acts of generosity demonstrate that compassion and hospitality are two of the best gifts that can be offered to others. They heartily thank all on behalf of Waffle House.

Sincere appreciation Hannah said that she intends to use the money to better her life and that of her expanding family. She hopes to get a new automobile as well as relocate with her child’s father. She remarked that she is overwhelmed with gratitude and extremely glad and thankful to everyone; God is always kind.

Phelps said of his kindness that one has to offer the love of God to individuals one comes into touch with, and it was her compassion — she was so nice and so pleasant, she’s just a true doll, Phelps said of his kindness—that moved his heart. And he really believes the Lord has enabled their paths to intersect.

Certainly, the Lord works in strange ways, often providing us the chance to be the answer to prayers we weren’t even aware someone else was asking; we only have to heed His nudging, as Bishop Phelps did.

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