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Kelsey Grammer Tears Up Discussing ‘Jesus Revolution’ On Kelly and Ryan.

Kelsey Grammer promoted his new film “Jesus Revolution” on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Kelsey’s eyes welled up with emotion while discussing the film with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.

The YouTube video starts immediately after a look at a scene from the film. Kelly notices and notes Kelsey’s emotional response very immediately. The Frasier star reacts, explaining why he started crying.

Kelsey replied that he loved this film. And when they first watched the first cut, they sat down in their house, and Kate saw it, and she exclaimed, ‘Oh my God, it’s the best thing you’ve ever done.’ She burst into tears.

Kelsey then talks about the challenges the guy he portrays in the film, which is based on a real tale, is going through.

He’s a guy who seeks and discovers his own religion, he added. A guy whose church is empty, and he can’t gain traction, and he’s beginning to worry he’s going to get fired from his position as a pastor. This hippie enters his life, and he discovers a new purpose and launches a movement that is still going strong.

Kelsey also told the two that many people have come up to him and told him about their own experiences with Chuck Smith, the character he plays. Numerous people remembered being baptized or married by the priest.

“Jesus Revolution,” which came out in theaters at the end of February, is rated PG-13 because it has intense drug scenes with teenagers and certain thematic aspects.

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