Woman Asked Her Husband To Repeatedly Rape Her Daughter, Hoping She Would Get Pregnant.

Soon after meeting Gary Machinshok, 29, on an internet hookup service, he and a young Pennsylvania mother moved in together and married. Misty Machinshok, 33, her new husband, and her two girls seemed to relatives and friends to be the picture-perfect family. Underneath their joyful veneer, the married couple was hiding a deadly secret.

Misty and Gary were arrested for long-term sexual abuse of her 15-year-old daughter, much to the surprise of relatives and friends. Misty had requested her new husband rape the adolescent girl every few days and even coached him on the finest sexual positions, which was disturbing. Nevertheless, when authorities uncovered why the young mother had handed her own kid over as a sex slave to her new husband, the case quickly took a more sinister turn.

Misty Machinshok hired her husband Gary to rape her 15-year-old daughter multiple times a week for a year in order for her to have another kid. Misty, who was having reproductive problems, intended to use her adolescent daughter as a surrogate in order to have a third child. Even worse, the mother enabled her husband to sexually attack her 11-year-old daughter.

Misty was supposedly so desperate to have a child that she “coached” her husband on the best way to get pregnant and even held her daughter’s hand the first few times she walked with her. Obviously, Misty intended to cover up the sexual assault by telling everybody that her daughter became pregnant at a party in their Wilkes-Barre home by a stranger and she raised the kid as her own.

Misty Machinshok finally pleaded guilty to many counts of rape, aggravated indecent assault endangering a child, and a number of other charges, involving helping her husband commit sexual abuse. She was then condemned to jail for 15 to 30 years for her crimes.

Gary Machinshok pleaded not guilty to rape, aggravated sexual assault, statutory rape, and other crimes stemming from the sexual abuse of a 15-year-old victim. Similarly, with respect to the molestation of the 11-year-old girl, he pleaded no contest to indecent assault on a person under the age of 13. He faces up to 27 years in jail and must register as a sexual offender for the rest of his life.

Misty and Gary Machinshok had successfully concealed this horrible sexual abuse for over a year by threatening the 15-year-old with rape if she did not cooperate. Thankfully, their horrible scheme to get one of the youngsters pregnant failed, and the girls are now secure in foster care.

It’s tough to comprehend this mother’s depravity, particularly because it concerns her own kids. Fortunately, she was unable to have another baby, which may have ended in a third kid being harmed at the hands of her predatory husband.

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