The Internet Backs Up This Woman For Refusing To Cook An Additional Gluten-Free Meal For A Family Friend After She Causes A Scene.

Hosting family get-togethers can be both fun and challenging, especially when dealing with large families. For one woman, it’s a recurring thing to see people she doesn’t recognize or know who they are. However, things took a turn for the worse when a family friend asked for something gluten-free to eat, and the woman declined, saying that it took her nearly the whole day to cook and that she just wanted to relax now. The family friend got defensive and accused the woman of ruining things for her, prompting her to leave. When the woman’s husband’s uncle tried to intervene and asked her to make something for the family friend, she refused, causing tension between her and her husband. How will this incident affect their relationship, and will the family friend ever come back?

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My husband and I (34) both have decently large families. On occasion, I’ll host family get-togethers for everyone to catch up on things, drink, or just hang out. I’m in charge of cooking dinner for everyone, and sometimes my close family will help with the cooking.

There were two different times at a get-together where I didn’t recognize someone there, and my husband wouldn’t either; even my mom or aunt didn’t know who they were. I found out it was just a distant cousin of mine. So seeing people I don’t recognize or know who they are is a recurring thing I just had to get used too with two of our families this big.

I hosted a get-together last night, and it wasn’t as big as some of the other ones I’ve been too or hosted in the past but I did see a woman who I didn’t recognize. I didn’t mind it, but I asked my husband who the woman was and he told me she was a friend of his uncle. I finish up cooking with my aunt, and everyone comes in to set up their plates.

The family friend came up to me and asked me if I made anything without gluten. I apologized and told her, “No, I didn’t. She asked me if I could make her something, and I told her it took me nearly the whole day to cook and that I just wanted to sit down and relax now. She got defensive and said that if I’m making dinner for all of these people that there should at least be someone else that’s gluten free. I told her that there is no one that I know of in my family who has a gluten intolerance, and if I knew she was going to be here, I would’ve made something for her. She yelled at me, saying that I ruined this for her (which I was confused about, ruined what?) and that she’s never going to come back here.

My husband’s uncle came in and told me that I should just make her something to eat and just get it over with, and I told him no, she can eat whenever she has an opportunity too; I don’t want to get her sick; and that I’m tired and done with cooking for the night. They both ended up leaving, and I was talking to my husband about it and he got mad at me saying that I pretty much ruined the dinner for them and that I should’ve just made her something to eat and that his uncle will probably not come by here again. Am I a Jerk?

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