Bus Driver’s Note To Mom And Dad Goes Viral After What Children Did To Disabled Boy On Bus

A statement from a New Jersey bus driver to the parents of two youngsters who helped another kid with a handicap went viral.

The message was sent by driver Cindy Clausen after she witnessed two children, Jorge and Annaliese, being friendly to a crippled boy called Jackson.

Clausen expressed in the message, “I feel obliged to write to inform you how lovely your kids are on the inside and out. This can only come from home, from your compassion and direction, from the lesson you set and impart. Your kids ask if they can sit with Jackson every day. Jackson feels a little melancholy coming on the bus some days, but as soon as he sees Annaliese and Jorge, he brightens. Jackson has trouble walking and it takes him a while to get to his seat.”

On that specific day, Annalise urged Jackson to make it to his seat regardless of his challenges, according to Clausen.

She even mentioned that when they got to school, Jorge decided to carry his backpack. She understands the parents already know how beautiful their kids are, but she  just wishes to emphasize that it shows!

The message instantly went viral, with several people complimenting the two children for their generosity and humanity.

“I love everything about this, that the kids are kind and courteous, and that they have parents who have taught them well, and that another human being saw their compassion and took the time to recognise it, this must have been a wonderful moment for the parents to read this note!” one reader wrote on Love What Matters’ Facebook page.

“This is parenting perfection. “I don’t need my son to be the brightest in his class, but he should be one of the nicest,” another said.

Other readers praised Clausen and the work she performs for pupils.

“That was incredibly touching. Being a bus driver requires a unique personality. That is something I could never accomplish. You need iron patients, and most of our youngsters nowadays are noisy and obnoxious, with no manners. However, a handful are being raised correctly to show some respect. It’s unfortunate that most parents nowadays have to work to make ends meet. Some parents don’t even have time to spend much time with their kids, which is unfortunate, so there isn’t much parental advice. “And we’re wondering what’s wrong with these youngsters nowadays,” one reader said.

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