Pregnant woman shares rules for meeting baby and it’s bound to ‘upset people’

People are split when a pregnant woman devised a set of guidelines for anybody who desires to see her and her baby, which some feel are overly severe.

Maisie Crompton, 20, is expecting her first child and has devised a set of rules to ensure everything runs well once the baby arrives.

Maisie, a businesswoman, has outlawed some things that some people may do naturally, such as showing up unexpectedly and kissing the infant.

She uploaded the list on TikTok, but her admirers were split, with some claiming that the regulations would irritate people.

Maisie, also known as @maisie_crompton on TikTok, posted a photograph of her rules online, which are as follows.

One- Please do not kiss the infant.

Two – No unexpected visits; for the first several days, she wants it to be just them.

Three – Do not publicise their baby’s birth until they do on social media or in person

Four – No images of the baby will be uploaded until they have them.

Five- Do not come if you are unwell.

Six- Wash your hands before holding the baby.

Seven- If you haven’t checked in on her during the pregnancy, don’t ask to see the baby.

Eight- If their infant screams, please return them to her or their father.

Maisie’s video quickly went viral, garnering over 300,000 views and hundreds of comments.

@maisie_crompton Seen so many of these videos… here’s my “rules for when I have a baby” ✍🏻👶🏻#pregnancyjourney #rulesformybaby #trending #mumsunder21 ♬ original sound – Maisie

“You’d think number one is clear… but people still do it!” commented one user. It really gets under my skin.”

“I only allowed immediate relatives to visit us for the first two weeks postpartum, was the greatest decision,” remarked another.

A third was added: “Fortunately, most individuals just do these things. I had a kid in December, and everyone treated us with the respect we merited, so there was no need for enforcement.

“When our babies were born, my family and friends gave us so much room,” another person said. “I was truly bored out of my mind and needed assistance/company.”

Someone then wrote: “How will you impose these regulations on your family? I’m afraid I’m going to offend folks.”

Maisie responded that she sincerely believes that most individuals will know, and will do this as a matter of course, but will see when the time comes!

What are your thoughts on Maisie’s rules? Tell us in the comments…

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