“But My Whole World Just Drove Away In That Vehicle And I’m Having A Moment About It.”

Story by Judy Daniell

My apologies for the grainy photo. But my whole world just drove away in that vehicle and I’m having a moment about it.

While the oldest is learning about scraping windows and rear defrost and getting up earlier to warm up the car, I’m learning that nothing in my childbirth classes prepared me for this moment.

All three of my loves clambered into that car and drove off, like it’s no big deal. Like they weren’t all babies yesterday with sippy cups and silly speech patterns, when getting out the door took 27 minutes because of coats and shoes and gloves and bathroom breaks.

Now, they just wave and meander out to the iced over vehicle. Like it’s nothing. Like I didn’t wish for this moment a hundred times when my world was filled with diaper bags and strollers and car seats.

Because I did. But I’m still having a moment about it. We’ve started a new chapter, as the saying goes.

And they’re ready and I’ll be fine, but to the mama’s still in the toddler trenches, this moment is coming for you too…when your firstborn packs a vehicle with the rest of your flock and drives away.

Like it’s no big deal. 

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