She Cries In The Fitting Room Seeing Herself.

Story by Callie Goodwin

Dear Old Navy,

You don’t know me, but I know you well. I’ve always loved your cute clothes and affordable prices. I’ve been a fluffy person my entire life, so I found it hard to shop your store. But a few weeks ago, you put out a notice that all of your clothes would now be offered from sizes 0-4x at the same in price. I was shocked and excited. I’ve never bern able to walk into a store and shop from any rack. I always have to find the plus size section which is usual a rack or 2 if I’m lucky.

Today I went into your store for the first time in years and found clothes that fit me. I grabbed shirts for $18 that would usually run $55-$70 at plus size stores and shorts that cost 1/4 of what I usually pay.

When I went to the fitting room, I cried for a few minutes at how this was the easiest shopping trip I had in a long time. I walked out of your store with a bag of goodies including several work shirts, t-shirts, and the cutest & comfiest workout shorts I have ever worn (& they were less than half the cost of the stores I usually shop at!)

Old Navy- Thank you for making cute & affordable clothes that fit all people. Thank you for not charging extra for extended sizes. Thank you for leading the change.

A grateful fluffy human.

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