Bystanders give ‘Street Justice’ after a man reportedly stole a car with 3 kids.

When a mother hurried inside a Philadelphia pizza, she was scared to see Eric Hood, 54, driving away with her 3 kids inside. The woman parked her car at the pizza business in the Strawberry Mansion district of North Philadelphia at 9:15 p.m.

She left her kids in the backseat of her gray Hyundai as she went inside to speak with the father of two of the kids. That’s when cops claim Hood hopped into his car and drove away, only to get trapped in traffic half a block away. Suddenly, a 54-year-old guy, subsequently identified by cops as Eric Hood, leapt into her car and raced away with the kids, aged 7 months to 5 years old, strapped inside, detectives said.

According to cops, Hood took the Hyundai, leading the couple to flee behind it. Because to the congested highways, mom and dad were able to track down the car and remove Hood from the driver’s seat.

According to officers, the individual was halted by a “large crowd” and then beaten after physically attacking the father. They ‘re informed that other guys in the neighborhood assisted the boyfriend with this physical conflict, and a physical battle occurred, said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Hood managed to elude the dad and flee over 29th Street. A mob of people stopped Mr. Hood and dragged him to the ground at this point, Philadelphia Police Homicide Captain Jason Smith said. Until the cops arrived, the crowd kicked and pummelled Mr. Hood. Mr. Hood eventually stopped responding.

Emergency personnel were called to the scene of Hood’s beating. They abandoned Hood, who was unconscious and suffering from fatal injuries.  He was brought to Temple University Hospital by paramedics, but it was too late to save his life. The mother and father remained at the site until cops took them for interrogation.

Eric Hood had several run-ins with the authorities, it was subsequently discovered. Hood had an extensive arrest record, having been arrested 24 times. The mom of the children who were left in the vehicle may also face charges for leaving them in a running vehicle. Officer claim that the parents cooperated and were questioned before being released.

Many locals appeared to concur with the “street justice” that was given.

Fortunately, the young kids were unharmed, although this could have gone disastrously for them. Let this be a message to other parents: Never, ever leave your kids in a running vehicle. You never know when tragedy may strike. We fear to contemplate what would have occurred to these youngsters if this man had gotten away.

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