In a viral video, a mother dances with her stillborn baby, stating it is a “coping mechanism.”

A viral TikTok video appears to be gaining a significant amount of attention and backlash for how a new mother grieved the loss of her baby daughter.

Lexie, 21, had planned to publish a video with her infant after a 10-hour labor, but rather than the happiness of welcome a child into the world, Lexie faced the greatest anguish imaginable.

Lexie continued to share clips of herself dancing while cradling the baby after losing her daughter in a stillbirth, labeling the first video, “Waiting 8 months for you to come out with no heartbeat.”

Lexie went on to say that it was “dark humor at its finest” and pleaded with folks to let her “cope in peace.”

Although sharing the video as a means of dealing with her sadness, Lexie claims that many people filled her comments with anger and hostility, prompting her to remove the footage.

@lex.isssss This is not against community guidelines. Pls let me make tiktoks with my child while I have the chance🥺 #fyp #stillborn #viral ♬ Kim K savage sound – Cissy D’Amelio

Individuals started to voice their shock that she had shared the video, from the filter she had used to the music she had chosen, and even that she had released a video of her stillborn daughter.

Lexie claimed in another deleted video that she is just 21 years old and feels she should be able to endure on her own. This isn’t a joke, she clarified. It’s a coping strategy for her.

Regardless of the fact that her kid is legally not with her, Lexie stated that she desires to be comfortable gazing at and talking to her baby.

Lexie discussed her choice to publish many TikTok videos with her stillborn kid in a YouTube video.

Lexie revealed that her baby would only kick in her tummy when she was up doing TikTok dances.

Lexie went on to claim that after making the films with her kid, she experienced a sense of calm sweep over her.

She don’t feel horrible about it to this day, Lexie continued. She still watch those films on a daily basis. Individuals don’t grasp that it was never intended to be a fun or to be rude.

It was just her way of honoring my daughter’s desires, Lexie explained.

Many folks believe that using comedy at painful times is wrong; nevertheless, humor and laughter may really help individuals deal with challenging situations.

Sorry for your loss Lexie. Hope you and your family find strength and peace and overcome this terrible pain.

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