Dad and his 5-year-old daughter both perish in an explosion while shopping for a birthday cake for Mom.

Robert Garwe, 50, and his 5-year-old daughter, Shauna Flanagan, had wanted to celebrate life with the girl’s mother, Aine, on her birthday.

The pair desired to give Aine a treat, so they went to a local store to grab a cake, but they were tragically killed in a horrific gas station explosion in Ireland on Friday, October 7, 2022.

Shauna was a little girl who had just started school. She was her mother’s only baby, and the catastrophe traumatised her as well as the entire family. The insider expressed that they are a little village, and this catastrophe has impacted them deeply.

Aine had a special affinity with her tiny princess. She enjoyed posting images of mother-daughter experiences on her Facebook page. A female acquaintance close to the Garwe family published a touching Facebook message.

First, she expressed her condolences to the family; next, she related her encounter with Robert and how much of a wonderful soul he was as a coworker. The caption read that she had the honor of working with #robertgarwe… During his stay in Dublin, she came to know Robert well. He was a very educated and handsome guy who faced obstacles and challenges with fortitude. She is devastated to hear this terrible, horrible news and to think of Robert and his young child, as well as all of those who has died in Ireland….

Shauna had a lively attitude, according to Fergus Brennan, who owns a store in the neighbourhood. The shopkeeper described the 5-year-old as a “lovely young girl” who frequently came in for lollipops.

An Garda Siochána, Ireland’s police force, is still investigating the blast. Following the incident, officials told the public that investigations were continuing. They continue to keep the public updated on the investigation’s progress via their Facebook page.

Sadly, this calamity destroyed a three-story building that contained the gas station complex, as well as other neighboring structures. In the end, the bomb killed eleven individuals, including Robert and Shauna.

Heartbreaking! May their souls rest in peace.

An Garda Síochána continue to investigate all of the circumstances into the cause of a fatal explosion at a premises in…

Posted by An Garda Síochána on Sunday, 9 October 2022

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