Cafeteria Worker Was Fired For Giving A Free Lunch To A Student With No Funds.

It’s a very sad thing when a student comes to school and does not have the money to pay for his school lunch. And many schools these days are cracking down, saying “No more freebies to those who can’t pay.”

That was the case with Mascoma Valley Regional High School in New Hampshire sometime during March. When one student came through the lunch line and could not afford to pay for his meal, cafeteria worker Bonnie Kimball went against the rules and gave the student a free lunch. And then, the very next day, Bonnie was fired from her job.

Bonnie Says of the student: “His family is very well known in this town and I can guarantee that if I called his mother, she would have come right in and paid the bill. But I didn’t want to get her out of work I know they would have brought the money the next day. The bill was going to get paid.”

But Bonnie’s dismissal from the cafeteria sure did not go unnoticed. When word of her losing her job over such an offense made its way to celebrity chef Jose Andres, he did something pretty special… He offered Bonnie a job at his nonprofit World Central Kitchen.

Jose himself is known for humanitarian efforts, which include feeding the poor and disaster survivors throughout the world.

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