Woman Donates Her Kidney To A Firefighter Who Saved Her Daughter’s Life.

A few years back, Becca Bundy’s young daughter had a seizure at her Minnesota home, and volunteer firefighter Bill Cox was the first one to arrive on the scene to help her.

Fast-forward to October of last year, when Becca went with a friend to the Viking Bar. Lo and behold… tending the bar that night was that firefighter who helped to save the life of Becca’s daughter.

He wore a T-shirt that said: “My name is Bill. I’m in end-stage kidney failure. And in need of a kidney.”

Of course, Becca and Bill talked a bit… about her daughter and about his need for a kidney. When she got back home, she just couldn’t get it out of her head, and, for whatever reason, she was sure that she was the one who could help him. So she went in for testing, and Becca quickly found out that she was, indeed, the one who could provide him with a kidney.

Three months after the surgery in February, 66-year-old Bill was able to discontinue dialysis, and continue with the joys of retirement with his wife. Just before the surgery, Bill carved out a wooden angel and painted it in Becca’s favorite color, saying that she was his angel, and since she saved his life, he thought it would be an appropriate gift.

Becca thought it was pretty special, saying, “I feel pretty blessed to be chosen to be on this journey with him.” 

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