California Boy Dies Right in His Dad’s Arms after Inattentive Driver Hits Him in a Crosswalk

It was a lovely evening in Long Beach, California for Francisco Garate and his 7-year-old son Gabriel. The father decided to go together with his 7-year-old son to an adjacent park to enjoy baseball game.

The twosome moves toward a juncture and continued to cross the street using a crosswalk to get to the site right across the road. Unfortunately, an approaching vehicle abruptly hit Gabriel and he passed away on the spot.

Among moans, the distressed father described that they did the whole thing possible to stop such an happening, which made it even more upsetting.

They crossed the roads through the noticeable south crosswalk and had the right of way at the time. But, the motorist, operating a Dodge pick-up van, unsuccessful to yield the right of way to the walkers crossing eastward. Gabriel, walking ahead of his father, took the whole effect of the accident and died immediately, while his father hardly evaded the same destiny.

Not only did Francisco lost his child, but he also lost his closest buddy and a huge part of his life. Even though facing the unpleasant truth of their son’s demise, Gabriel’s family has struggled to find relief in the reminiscences they created together. Gabriel’s household recalls him as a cheerful, active child who brought them love and happiness.

Apart from his absolute love for his parents, the boy treasured the seashore, sporting actions and school.

Subsequent to the misfortune, the driver, James Barnes, 57, continued at the scene till law enforcement reached and liaised with the inquiries.

Authorities denied that drugs and alcohol played any part in the accident. They also ruled out abstracted driving as a likely reason. The driver claimed that he did not see the child before the accident and he was detained on crime charges of vehicular killing and gross neglect. He has since been unconfined after posting a $50,000 security.

In the meantime, inquiries into the disastrous event continue in the works. Gabriel’s family has initiated a GoFundMe movement to raise funds for his cremation.

Parents, who still fights to admit the truth of her son’s demise, had a message for all drivers out there, requesting them to be more alert so more people do not grieve the loss of their treasured ones.

Family affiliates, networks, and inhabitants of the Long Beach community turned up at the juncture to offer their final good wishes to the cherished child as he transitioned into the next world.

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