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Madonna says her 16-year-old son wears her clothes better than she does

According to Madonna, her 16-year-old son dresses more stylishly than she does.

This well-known family has more than one fashion plate. On “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” music and fashion queen Madonna stated that her 16-year-old son David Banda is already dressing better than she is.

She said to Fallon that evening that he can put on any clothes and look slick as you know what.

It truly annoys her. He dresses in her clothes and looks better. Even in a dress, he can pull off the butch appearance.

There was no humour from the “Material Girl.” Back in May at the WBA World Lightweight Championship at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the mother-son team matched in Adidas attire.

In a vivid red three-stripe dress from Adidas’ partnership with Gucci, Banda, who is well recognised for his gender-fluid design choices, dominated the show. Black sneakers, layered silver jewellery, and a pair of yellow sunglasses completed the teen’s striking ensemble.

But David’s mom was his mom in more ways than just her sense of style. The singer of “Like a Virgin” continued by revealing to Fallon that her kid, whom she adopted in 2006, is currently working on his own music.

The 63-year-old gushed over Banda, stating that he has “all” it takes to be a star and that “he’s going to wind up being one of your guests.”

He’s got “it,” Fallon proclaimed, concurring with the Queen of Pop. He is magical. He is attractive, athletic, humorous, and fascinating. He also has a fantastic sense of humour.

The hitmaker described in the same interview how, after accidently flashing the audience during her performance of “Like a Virgin” at the first-ever MTV Video Music Awards in 1984, she thought her career was “finished with.”

Madge claims that when her heel fell off onstage, she dove to collect it, but inadvertently flipped up her dress and showed her bottom to the audience.

The musician made fun of the times when having a profession meant hiding your butt. It’s the opposite now.

The celebrity went on to become one of the best-selling female artists of all time, despite her representatives believing that her profession would end as a result of the event.

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