California Boy Is Killed by Truck Weeks before 2nd Birthday – His Grandma ‘Loses a Part of Her Heart’

Parenting is not an easy task. It’s a rollercoaster journey with never-ending twists, turns, and problems that may perhaps be emotionally draining. Even said, no parent would ever forgo the incredible delight of holding their children and watching them grow into responsible individuals if given the chance.

No parent can endure the thought of their children being in danger, and they would go to any extent to protect them. Unfortunately, regardless of how quickly we run, we cannot always avoid disaster and terrible ends. A similar situation befell the family in today’s narrative.

Munir Delgado, sometimes known as “Toota,” was a resident of Old Town Goleta in Santa Barbara County, California. He was the youngest of six siblings and the family’s baby, adored and beloved by everybody. Munir has four elder brothers, ages four, five, nine, and fourteen, as well as a seven-year-old sister.

Munir was famous for his contagious smile and chuckles, which could brighten even the darkest of days. He enjoyed being silly, making others laugh, and playing with his older brothers and sister.

Shana Delgado, Munir’s mom, loved her kids with all her heart and soul and was a fantastic parent in every aspect. Gaye, his grandma, and Annette Rodriguez, his aunt, adored the baby.

For the Delgado family, life was lovely, and every day was full of love and pleasure. Then, one day in August 2022, their beautiful family picture began to crack and smash into a million pieces.

Munir was apparently hit by a car on Nectarine Avenue on Tuesday, August 30, and received serious injuries. When first responders came, they transported the child to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

Unfortunately, the small kid died as a result of his horrific injuries. Munir’s family was crushed by the news of his terrible death, as the one-year-old kid was about to celebrate his second birthday in a few weeks.

Rodriguez, his aunt, said on the GoFundMe page that Munir would have celebrated his yearly birthday with his elder sister, who will be eight, because their birthdays are so close that they always celebrate together. Instead, they’re all hugging each other close after losing their baby brother as youngsters.

Munir’s death devastated the Delgado family. Shana lost her ray of light, and Gaye “lost a piece of her heart.” Rodriguez set up a GoFundMe page to aid the sad family with burial and memorial expenses for their little angel.

The aunt of the late child begged individuals to remember her family in their prayers. She stated that even a prayer is gratefully received from the bottom of her heart and the heart of her sister Shana.

Rodriguez appreciated the community for their love and support for her family in a Facebook post. She stated that she has never seen such a wide community support and for this special little baby boy who is now an angel, they believe he is from the bottom of their hearts.

As of September 2, 2022, the GoFundMe campaign had raised over $11,000, and new donations were still coming in. Rodriguez expressed gratitude to all who contributed to the fundraiser on behalf of the whole Delgado family. She went on to say  THANK YOU on behalf of her sister and her darling nephew’s family. This lovely young boy affected so many people during his brief time with them, and as an Angel, he is now demonstrating incredible power.

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, almost 893 pedestrians died on California roads in 2018, a 26% rise from the previous year.

Rodriguez stated that the Delgado family addressed the unsafe street where Munir died with their neighbors. During their talk, the community pledged to push for the installation of a crosswalk and speed bumps on the street in ‘Toota’s’ name.

On September 1, numerous individuals joined the Delgados at Munir’s streetside shrine to honor him. Fans and mourners prayed for the late tot and left flowers, notes, and plush animals. Rodriguez disclosed that this lovely kid was so loved, and even if one didn’t know him, there has been an outpouring of community support for this family, and she wants to thank all of them.

Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with Munir’s family. May God grant them the strength to deal with the death of their darling son. 

Little angel, soar across the sky. Rest in peace baby.

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