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Camera Catches Inmates Welcoming Child Rapist To Cell With Brutal Prison Justice.

A 16-year-old UK student was kidnapped by a gang of machete-wielding thugs while traveling from Bristol to London. The cleaver was held on her neck while Roberto French, 22, Hilal Mohamed, 22, and Abdisalam Mohamad, 21, robbed the youngster before forcing her to have oral sex with each of them.

Despite her assailants’ best efforts, the girl managed to flee. Eventually, all three males were located and arrested within a two-year period, and they were all found guilty of raping the juvenile kid in court.

The males were separated and put in different homes while they awaited punishment. Prior to his court appearance, Abdisalam Mohamad was thought to be detained at HMP Pentonville. Unfortunately for him, he quickly discovered that even the most heinous offenders regard child rapists as being at the bottom of the prison food chain.

When his other convicts learned of his role in the violent gang-rape of the adolescent girl, Mohamad became the most sought-after target on the prison block. A mob of enraged convicts eager to exact their own brand of retribution attacked the convicted rapist within two days of his detention.

A horrific video was leaked from inside the jail, showing a convicted child rapist named Mohamad being thrashed and pushed into a filthy toilet.

In a tiny bathroom, the gang first forces Mohamad to strip down to his pants while lashing him with a cord. The guys herded him to the bathroom before ordering, “Take off your clothes before I whack you in the head, bro.” Another convict instructs the guys to “put his head in the toilet” before Mohamad is thrown face-first into the filthy bowl.

The other prisoners are pushing Mohamad as far down the toilet as they can while he struggles for oxygen. “That’s too much,” he is heard saying. You’re now assaulting me.” As the convict thrusts his head back into the filthy bowl, he yells, “Oh, my days!”

Fortunately for Mohamad, his ordeal came to an end. He was subsequently transported to the hospital for treatment; however, he was not critically harmed in the event.

Although Mohamad’s fellow prisoners gave him a warm welcome, it’s likely that this won’t be the last time he faces jail time. Of course, this is nothing compared to the suffering Mohamad and his companions inflicted on their teenage victim.

Word spreads quickly throughout the prison system, and Mohamad will be unable to conceal his heinous past no matter where he is incarcerated. For the remainder of his term, he’ll have to keep an eye on his back while numerous other convicts devise much harsher punishments than what he just experienced.

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