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Camilla Was Horrified by William Shouting at King Charles & Said the ‘Boy’s Got a Temper,’ Book Claimed

The late Queen’s eldest children, King Charles III and his sister, Princess Anne, arrived in time before she died. According to the report, the two were already in Scotland when the late monarch died at Balmoral Castle.

Earlier in the week, the siblings were in the nation for activities, including a combined visit to the Braemar Royal Highland Gathering. According to the publication, the King was most likely joined by his wife, Duchess Camilla.

On September 8, 2022, the Queen died in her Scottish palace. The late monarch’s oldest child and son, who was declared King on the Saturday after his mother’s death, took over the British monarchy.

The ceremony took place in front of the Accession Council at St James’s Palace in London. Camilla’s husband, Charles Philip Arthur George, chose the first of his four names.

Queen Elizabeth II just made history by becoming the longest reigning English queen. The Queen has been on the throne for more than seventy years, and to commemorate her Platinum Jubilee, she issued a message that sparked debate among royal enthusiasts and the family.

Queen Elizabeth II expressed her wishes for her son, King Charles, who would replace her. The Crown stated in the message that his wife, Camilla, will be given the title “Queen Consort.”

The word regarding King Charles’ wife, Camilla, pleased him. When questioned how she felt during a visit to a community kitchen, the Duchess reacted with a smile and said she feels really honored and moved.

Following the Queen’s choice, not everyone in the Royal Family reacted in the same way. Princes William and Harry, the King’s sons, responded differently. Here’s a look at some of their interactions with the future Queen Consort.

Royal novelist Christopher Anderson has commented on the impact of the Queen’s remarks on her household. He said the decision was “diverging” the royals, particularly King Charles’s sons.

The article said that after Prince Philip died in 2021, King Charles pursued the title for his bride with zeal. Charles really wore her down on this as well, he claimed.

Anderson went on, he also believes that, since Prince Philip’s death, Charles has increased his efforts to convince the Queen that he, too, requires a spouse. If he is to rule, he will require the type of assistance that she received from her husband.

While the Queen’s choice elicited a variety of opinions, some were surprised as she had never gotten along with Camilla, whom her son married in 2005. His Majesty was formerly married to Princess Diana, the mom of his two kids, who died tragically soon after their divorce.

According to sources, the late Queen disapproved of Camilla at first. But, their relationship improved as her mother-in-law acknowledged that she had taken on additional duties.

Camilla discovered something shocking about one of her husband’s boys as she got to know them. One of the boys’ meetings with the King resulted in him revealing a side to the Prince that she was unaware of.

As a second wife to King Charles, she had numerous responsibilities, involving engagement with several charities and organizations. Camilla also had to deal with the elder lads, William and Harry, who had been successful in the past.

It had helped her comprehend their actions, and one startling realization she had after marrying their father was William’s fiery anger. Although the public perceives Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate, as the mild and less controversial of the royals, the Duchess of Cornwall warned that William could throw a temper tantrum if agitated.

In his book “Battle of Brothers,” Robert Lacey claimed that Camilla told family acquaintances, “The boy’s got a temper!” The Queen Consort observed multiple conflicts between her husband and William, according to the author.

Kate’s husband frequently raised his voice to be heard, according to His Majesty’s wife. Lacey’s remarks from his book described how fights between father and son would unfold-  According to Camilla, the rows have been earth-shattering, with William yelling and Charles surrendering quietly on the receiving end.

Despite becoming the new ruler, observers speculated that King Charles, who had endured decades to govern, may relinquish the throne in favor of his son, William. Previously, the same academics predicted that the late Queen would live her full life.

They predicted that the late monarch would never leave the throne. According to the analysts, her son will reign for fewer years and may opt to request Parliament to pass over the monarchy to William.

According to some reports, even though the brothers were not informed before their father’s bride was named Queen Consort, they approved of it. Based on these accounts, William was enthusiastic about Camilla’s new title.

Camilla’s marriage to his father was also apparently endorsed by Kate’s spouse. The Prince of Wales, formerly the Duke of Cambridge, appears to have an unbreakable bond with his father.

He also has a complicated connection with his stepmother and respects the Queen’s wants, which manifests itself in his actions.

While William and his wife supported his grandmother’s comments by retweeting it, Harry kept mute on the topic. Body language specialists, though, indicated that Harry was also friendly with Camilla.

According to reports, the Duke of Sussex was unconcerned with the Queen’s choice. Although both brothers fought for a long time to have a relationship with their father’s wife, they have subsequently formed a blended family as they develop.

As a result, unlike many people believe, Harry’s muteness was not a sign of displeasure. In an interview, body language expert Darren Stanton stated that their nonverbal communication with Camilla indicates a solid link, and it’s evident that they absolutely approve of her relationship with their father Charles, with both William and Harry displaying real compassion towards her. Stanton also said that after the family’s acceptance, King Charles III and his adored companion improved their connection. He also saw how happy the pair seemed in public.

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