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Harry inherited mom Diana’s sapphire engagement ring, only to later give it to William for Kate

Prince Charles did not have a ring fashioned when he proposed to Diana in 1981. Rather, he invited her to select one for herself, and she picked an eye-catching sapphire piece.

Diana adored the piece of jewelry, even if it was rumored that the Royal Family did not. She wore the ring out of respect for her boys till she died in 1997.

Diana’s belongings were inherited by both of her sons after her death. While William received a watch from their mother, Harry received her famous engagement diamond. When William wanted to propose to Kate Middleton, the brothers switched their inherited trinkets so that William could propose to Kate with the same ring.

When Charles proposed to Diana, she answered yes before the pair had even decided on an engagement ring. Diana picked her own engagement ring in February 1981. Charles presented Diana with a tray of rings from Garrard, the royal jeweler at the time. She picked a stunning 2-carat Ceylon sapphire stone ring set in 18-carat white gold, encircled by 14 diamonds.

Some members of the royal family despised the ring since it came from a jeweler’s catalog and hence not ‘unique.’ They believed the ring was far too frequent. Diana, on the other hand, apparently enjoyed her selection, as she continued to wear the ring long after her divorce from Charles.

In 1992, then-British Prime Minister John Major revealed that Charles and Diana were divorcing. In an interview two years later, Charles acknowledged being disloyal.

The Queen requested Charles to make their divorce formal in November 1995, following Princess Diana’s appearance with BBC’s Panorama.

Diana acknowledged the divorce on February 29, 1996, through a spokeswoman. On August 28, 1996, the divorce was ultimately finalized. Diana wore her engagement ring even after her divorce to show respect for her two young boys.

On September 5, 1996, the last Princess of Wales wore the rings in public for the last time. Her fingers were obviously ring-free during a film premiere she attended in London a few days later.

Diana was killed in an automobile accident on August 31, 1997, not long after. Dodi Fayed, her lover at the time, and the driver were killed in the collision.

Princes Harry and William revealed how stunned they were when they learned of their mother’s death in Paris. While William questioned the injustice of it all, Harry remembered thoughts of ‘bafflement.’

Diana left her boys $10 million after taxes, according to reports after her death. After their 25th birthday, they began receiving annual dividends on that sum.

The specifications she left indicated that the boys would receive the whole sum when they were thirty, and when Harry turned thirty, it was claimed that he got more than £10 million from her inheritance.

After their mother died, the sons were also asked to select items from her collection. Harry chose her ring, while William selected a Cartier watch that their mother had preferred.

Prince William and Kate Middleton initially met as freshmen at St. Andrews University. They were both studying art history and frequently ran across one other, which created the foundation of their friendship.

They began to develop feelings for each other that went beyond friendship. After a year of dating, individuals started to expect them to become engaged. But, roughly four years later, William phoned Kate and broke up with her over the phone.

The pair revealed their breakup after graduating from university, stating that they wanted space. She wasn’t happy about it at the time, Middleton recalled, but it made her a stronger person.

During their breakup, their common friend Jockey Sam Waley-Cohen invited both of them to a party entitled ‘Freakin’ Naughty,’ to which Prince William arrived wearing short shorts and a police helmet and Kate arrived dressed as a nurse.

The pair reunited during the party and went on a holiday to Seychelles together a few weeks later.

The two brothers were said to have struck a bargain in which whomever proposed first would receive their mother’s ring. So, when William planned to propose to Kate, Harry suggested that their mother’s sapphire engagement ring would be ideal.

Harry traded the ring for their mother’s watch with his brother. That one day that ring will be seated on the throne of England, Diana’s longtime butler Paul Burrell remarked of the event. Harry surrendered his prized possession. He handed his brother the one item he withheld from his mother. That’s selflessness, kindness, and Diana.

Kate and William had a vacation to Africa with their pals in November 2010. On the vacation, William proposed to Kate at a spot in Kenya, and she quickly said yes.

Harry is supposed to have been quite close to Kate. In fact, it was rumored that Harry sought her consent before proposing to Meghan Markle. He saw Kate as the sister he had never had, therefore her acceptance was crucial.

When Harry intended to propose to Meghan, he chose to make his own ring because he didn’t have one. He did this while eating at Kensington Palace.

The centre stone is from Botswana, a nation dear to the Duke of Sussex, and the diamonds on each side are from Diana’s collection.

Meghan, who had always admired the Cartier French Tank timepiece and already had a two-tone version, was given the Cartier watch left to her sons by Diana’s husband, Prince Harry.

While Princess Diana did not have a lot of time with her sons, she made care to teach them valuable lessons in the little time they did have together.

This is such a wonderful tale about how both of these guys love their wives and wanted to keep a bit of their mother alive by giving them rings with meaning. Share Diana’s engagement ring story with your friends and family.

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