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Prince Harry ‘Not Allowed to Salute Queen,’ Watches Family Honor ‘Granny’ With Hands By His Side

As part of Queen Elizabeth II’s burial on Monday, Prince Harry was not permitted to wear his military uniform or salute the coffin. Fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were outraged that the Duke of Sussex was unable to salute his grandmother as her coffin was carried into Westminster Abbey.

Many people anticipated Prince Harry to wear his military uniform to the burial, but he was spotted in his morning suit instead. Prince Harry stood down as a senior member of the royal family in 2020, when he and Meghan Markle moved to California. As the rest of the royal family went behind the Queen’s coffin and saluted, Prince Harry stood alone, his hands stuck to the side. It felt indicative of the growing schism between Prince Harry and the royal family.

The 38-year-old just bowed to the casket outside Westminster Abbey. Working royals are expected to wear military gear to important ceremonies such as funerals. Harry is no longer a member of the royal family, having stepped down with his bride, Meghan Markle.

Many people were outraged that Prince Harry, who had done two deployments in Afghanistan during his 10-year military career, could not wear his uniform. Fans of Prince Harry say he stood out even when being shunned. He stood out like a King when they refused to allow Prince Harry to wear his military uniform. He stood out like a King when they let him wear his outfit. Let’s face it: Harry exudes King vigor, a fan wrote.

Prince Harry was disallowed to offer his Queen, his commander-in-chief, his grandmother, a “royal salute,” said another. Others have never seen battle and have never served in the military. But they have no issue cosplaying military and denying the ACTUAL VETERAN his uniform and honours while stealing it. 

According to one user, Prince Harry is the only royal who served on the front lines in defense of our country. He has been refused the right to wear his uniform, while the rest of his family, including Prince Andrew, parades around in make-believe military outfits and insignia.

Nevertheless, at the request of the King, Prince Harry was permitted to wear his military uniform during the Queen’s vigil. As previously reported, a Kensington Palace spokeswoman stated that King Charles had specifically asked that Prince Harry wear his uniform while keeping vigil with his brother. At the request of the King, they will both be in uniform, a Kensington Palace spokesman stated of Prince Harry and William. They both served in the military for numerous years.

Prince Harry served in the British army for over ten years and is an Afghanistan war veteran. He advanced to the rank of captain and served two tours in Afghanistan. He has not worn the military uniform at any ceremonies since resigning from royal responsibilities, such as the funeral procession to Westminster Hall, when his brother, Prince William, was seen in military dress.

Prince Harry attended the parade in a morning suit. According to reports, Harry did not desire to wear his military uniform. Earlier in the week, King Charles III, Princess Anne, and Princes Andrew and Edward stood guard over the Queen’s coffin at Edinburgh’s St Giles’ Cathedral. On September 17, Prince Harry sported his Blues and Royals uniform at the memorial.

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