Can you spot the creepy detail in this photo that’s freaking everyone out?

Many parents and fathers want official images of their families, so they gather their children, hire a professional photographer, and stand for the camera!

While Christmas is often a pleasant time, with all of the smiles, one family photo is throwing internet users over the edge with one frightening element.

Do you see what I mean? We don’t blame you for missing it; it’s fairly simple to overlook. Here’s a hint: look at the picture on the left side…

Way to go if you’ve discovered it! Isn’t that strange?

Check out the tiny child’s arm if you haven’t already… Whose hand is it resting on?

Several individuals have proposed hypotheses concerning the phantom arm.

The first is that the hand is a ghost’s. Whether one believes in the spiritual realm or not, it seems to inspire some type of supernatural belief.

The second is a bit more realistic. Some others think it’s the mother’s arm, and that the middle, older kid was added to the shot using a clever computer program.

Take another look and make your own decision.

In any case, this is spooky and strange. We’re curious about this family and if they have any answers. Whose arm is it?

Please spread the word so that your friends and family may weigh in!

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