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Candace Cameron Bure: Great American Family Is ‘Unashamed’ to Share Jesus on Cable TV

Candace Cameron Bure, a filmmaker and actor, claims in a recent post that her new network, Great American Family, is unembarrassed to show faith-based material, which is one of the reasons her film A Christmas Present earned two MovieGuide awards.

The film won a MovieGuide award for “Best Family Television” last year, while Bure herself received a MovieGuide Grace Award for “Most Inspirational Performance in TV.” The MovieGuide Awards were shown live on UPtv. Bure’s firm, Candy Rock Productions, produced the film, which premiered on Great American Family.

Bure posted that she is damned thrilled for her business, adding that it was their first film out of the gate.

She expressed gratitude to the film’s team. She also congratulated William Abbott, the president and CEO of Great American Family, which will compete with Hallmark in 2021. Abbott formerly worked at Hallmark.

Bure wrote that many thanks to @billabbotthc and @gactv for being unafraid to share scripture and the name of Jesus on cable television, as well as their devotion to religion and family entertainment. Her heart is overflowing with appreciation and love.

Last year, Great American Family aired 18 original holiday films, including A Christmas Present. Bure quit Hallmark in 2022 to become a member of the Great American Family.

Bure said last year that she wants to produce films with depth, purpose, and significance that may genuinely alter someone’s life. A Christmas Present is about a married couple who have drifted apart. It also tells the tale of a widower and his little daughter.

Last year, Abbott said that he wants Great American Family to be consistently family-friendly.

Abbott stated that they want to be the family television leader. They believe they’ve established a fantastic team, not just at their networks but also on the talent side — individuals who are well-known to and loved by the public.

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