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Sally Field, 76, praised for embracing ageing naturally.

Sally Field has been lauded for accepting the natural process of aging and avoiding having procedures done.

It’s hard to believe that the Mrs. Doubtfire actor is 76, considering how important the 1993 picture was to our upbringing.

Hollywood celebs often use cosmetic surgery to seem younger, and the results may be extremely visible on some.

Despite the fact that her age is visible on screen, the 76-year-old feels that people who get surgery in their later years are terribly demeaning to who they are now.

When she sees herself on TV, she thinks, ‘Oh, I wish that weren’t happening to my neck.” And your face is sagging, and your eyes are swollen,’ she told in 2009.

But then she sees some of the women (who have had plastic surgery) who she believed were so beautiful when they were younger.

Now she is thinking, “Oh no, don’t do that!” and that seems to be a disservice to who they are today.

Sally recently said that she had come to grips with her flaws.

She is an old woman—70 is old—and that’s OK, she said in 2019.

She has collected strength behind her years; she owned them, earned them, deserved them, and earned the right to have them. And she doesn’t like her neck or a lot of stuff, but it’s OK.

Sally previously disclosed that she had osteoporosis, which affects bone density and mass.

And although she has apparently gotten nasty comments on social media over her looks, her supporters have stood by her and praised her natural look.

One admirer commented on a selfie she shot in 2021, saying, “You are not old, and you don’t appear old. You look fantastic.

“Thank you for all the smiles you’ve given us over the years.” “You are a wonderful lady,” said another.

“You’re looking good.” Pay no heed to those who argue otherwise. I’m sure they don’t look as nice as you do.

“Beautiful! I’ve always looked up to you. I, too, have resolved to let my gray hair and wrinkles alone. I’m 58 years old and glad to age naturally. “”May God bless you!” Someone else mentioned it.

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