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Jennifer Garner Shines with ‘Amazing’ New Hair after Ben Affleck Shed Light on Blaming Her for His Addiction.

Jennifer Garner has been advertising her next limited series, which will be available on Apple TV+. “The Last Thing He Told Me.”

The actress appeared on Stephen Colbert’s programme and showed off her new hairstyle. Garner has had short hair for a long, but her current style is slightly shorter. The actress was all smiles, which touched the hearts of many admirers, ” Jennifer has the most genuine grin. “She was a delight on the show,” said one viewer.

She wore her hair in a side part when she featured on “Live! With Kelly and Ryan,” which is hosted by Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. Garner’s new appearance was the first thing co-host Ripa mentioned.

Seacrest, on the other hand, wanted to know what was different about Garner’s prior haircut, and the ladies informed him that the side part made it a more “chic bob.”

Despite the fact that Garner had recently clipped her hair, she said that it has been growing faster than she can keep up with, and that she cannot wait for it to grow long enough to put in a ponytail.

In her most recent production, Garner portrays Hannah, a lady who must create a connection with her stepdaughter in order to learn more about her husband’s absence.

She got to work with her “Alias” co-star Victor Garber, whom she describes as a father figure. Garber portrays a university professor who may be linked to her husband’s abduction.

Garner’s public appearances follow her ex-husband Ben Affleck’s response to criticism for implying that he blamed her for his alcoholism.

Garner and Affleck were married for 10 years and have three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. But in a 2021 interview, Affleck was chastised for allegedly blaming his drinking on his ex-wife.

The actor said that it was tough for him and Garner to divorce, but they did not want to raise their kids in a hostile atmosphere. He’d most likely still be drinking. He began consuming alcohol partly as he felt confined. Affleck elaborated.

However, Affleck, who is currently working on the highly anticipated picture “Air,” discussed the response to that interview in his most recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

He claimed that the whole interview was intended to be a sensitive description of how he fought with addiction, and that just a little portion of it was turned bad.

Affleck admitted that he was accountable for his acts. The point he was attempting to convey was a sad one. Anyone who has gone through divorce asks themselves, ‘How much do we try?’ They adored one another. They care for one another. They respect each other, he stated.

As a result, the cycle generated an uncomfortable atmosphere. To fill the gap left by the difficulties in his life, he turned to booze, although his purpose was not to blame Garner for his problems.

Affleck also said that he thought his message was clear, but that his comments had been transformed into clickbait. So, as he prepared for his cover story with The Hollywood Reporter, his wife, Jennifer Lopez, advised him to relax and enjoy himself.

Lopez also said that he was fun and gregarious while simultaneously seeming serious, something Affleck was unaware of. He is, however, taking notes.

Garner and Affleck’s romance was public, as was their divorce, and now that he’s married to Lopez, their identities seem to be entwined in the media.

However, the mother of three does not pay attention to what the internet says about her and does her best to avoid doing anything that would make her family into a meme.

The “Yes Day” actress said that being in the headlines was not something she enjoyed.

She also said that she tries to ignore about her celebrity and all of the stuff that has been printed about her in her daily life. She can retain her peace this way.

However, Garner recognised that Affleck had created a few memorable memes. The actor is well-known for his Dunkin’ Donuts photographs as well as other images of him appearing strained and angry that have become fan-favorite memes.

The actor even fed into the Dunkin’ Donuts machine and appeared in one of their commercials. When Affleck and Lopez attended the Grammys, however, allegations about his being inebriated arose.

Affleck said that he went since his wife was there and as he wished to enjoy wonderful music, but a simple photo of him and his wife was transformed into a tale about him becoming intoxicated.

What bothered the actor was that he’d been furious, agitated, and intoxicated at public occasions in the past, but no one had ever mentioned it. When he was with his wife, though, it was the first thing that came up.

The trouble with Affleck’s celebrity is how innocuous events in his life may be transformed into disparaging stereotypes about him. But for the time being, he will listen to his wife and attempt to show off his lighter side.

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