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Candace Cameron Bure Seems To Cut Ties With Jodie Sweetin For Supporting JoJo Siwa.

Candace Cameron Bure’s concentration on “traditional marriage” ventures, namely films that exclude homosexual people, is far from ended.

On Instagram, the actress unfollowed her longtime pal and Full House castmate Jodie Sweetin. Jodie made the decision after showing her solidarity for JoJo Siwa, who turned to Instagram to express her grief about Candace’s new business endeavors.

Candace spoke out earlier this month about her plan to transfer networks in order to concentrate on programs that showcase “traditional marriage.” The blowback was swift and severe. Hilarie Burton labeled the actress a “bigot,” and openly lesbian artist JoJo Siwa spoke out on Instagram.

JoJo shared a screenshot of an article titled “Candace Cameron Bure’s Plan for New Cable Channel: No Gays” and conveyed her feelings about the decision, citing a recent conversation she had with Candace.

Truly, with all that happened just a few months ago, she can’t imagine she would not only develop a film with the purpose of excluding LGBTQIA+ people, but also brag about it in the press, she wrote. This is impolite and insulting to an entire community.

Jodie was quick to express her solidarity for JoJo, but she appeared to do it in a way that was respectful of her former co-star.

Candace apparently decided to break relations with Jodie after that. On Instagram, she unfollowed the actress and campaigner. Jodie, on the other hand, continues to follow Candace.

JoJo Siwa reiterated her targeting of Candace in a recent interview. “That’s what’s [expletive] up,” she said. “You not liking gay marriage, do your thing girl. You being religious, do your thing girl. Of course, I would want everybody to do what they want to do. But to purposely exclude someone because of who they love, that’s [expletive].”

Candace is baffled by the uproar over her choice to ban gay people from her films, yet she answered in a post. “I have a simple message: I love you anyway,” she wrote. She added that she adore everybody reading this, regardless of color, creed, sexual orientation, or political party, especially those who have sought to harass her with name-calling.

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