‘I’m A Mum-Of-Seven – I Can’t Afford Christmas Presents, I’ve Told My Kids They’re Getting Nothing’

Jackie Hands, 62, of Manchester, was forced to make the agonizing choice as the cost of living problem impacted family holiday celebrations.

And the mother claims she can only afford to buy Christmas presents for her youngest kids this year, although she typically buys for the entire family.

Jackie has now informed the family’s elders and older children that they would not be getting any gifts.

She cited rising food and energy prices as motivating factors in her difficult choice.

It’s difficult to heat and eat at the same time, yet one must do both regardless of the cost.

In two days, she’s consumed £10 in gas. She ‘ve just worn it for a few hours in the morning and evening.

This year, they’re only doing children’s gifts. Her elder children are aware that they will not receive anything. Usually, she purchases gifts for all.

According to recent Which? data, the mother lives in Blackley and Broughton, one of the poorest places in England hit by the cost of food problem.

In a recent research, the consumer organization emphasized the areas where consumers were most likely to struggle to get inexpensive food.

The ward was the only one in Greater Manchester to make the list, ranking sixth overall in the country.

And it’s not only Jackie who is struggling; local childminder Kelly Broderick has also expressed concern.

To make ends meet, the 45-year-old mother had to take on a second job.

Damian, a handicapped father of one, is forced to choose between heating his home and freezing it.

Consumer group Which? has now called on supermarkets to sign up to a 10-point plan to assist households in dealing with the cost-of-living problem.

Low income, limited access to inexpensive food, a lack of major stores nearby, and a lack of online shopping delivery have all added to the winter’s difficulties.

Sue Davies, Which? head of food policy, stated, they understand that millions of individuals are skipping meals as a result of the biggest cost-of-living crisis in decades, yet their new study shows where help is most desperately needed throughout the UK. Supermarkets have the power to act and make a meaningful impact in communities across the UK.

That is why they are urging them to guarantee that all have easy access to budget food ranges that allow healthy choices, that prices of items can be readily compared to get the greatest value, and that offers are focused at aiding people in need.

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