Cardi B and Offset give Kulture $50,000 CASH on her fourth birthday.

The WAP hitmaker, 29, and the Migos member, 30, gave their daughter $50,000 in five piles of cash.

Her delighted father shared a video of his daughter napping in the back of a car while showing off her lavish birthday present.

‘What exactly is that?’ Offset was heard saying while filming his conversation with his kid, ‘A ticket!’ to which she replied (a term that implies one million dollars).

‘A ticket is a million dollars, girl,’ he said, adding, ‘That’s fifty dollars.’ Say, 50!’

On July 10, the preschooler turned four, and the family celebrated by visiting Candytopia, an interactive children’s museum.

On Sunday, the rap diva posted multiple videos recorded during the journey on her Instagram Story, where she enjoyed quality time with her husband, daughter, and the couple’s ten-month-old son Wave.

Kulture was seen enjoying a candy rendition of the Sphinx in Cardi’s debut video from Candytopia.

The performer, Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, had to inform her oldest kid that she was not permitted to consume any of the installation’s components.

The Grammy-winning artist later uploaded a video of her kid admiring a sweet image of her mom’s face.

Kulture was also carried on a lollipop-shaped swing by her dad, who looked to be enjoying himself at the exhibit and posted a video of his wife on his Instagram Story.

This isn’t the first time the renowned rap couple has lavished their child with a large birthday present.

Offset gave Kulture her own $8k pink Birkin bag for her second birthday in July 2020.

In an interview, Cardi said that she is a hands-on mom and has never hired a babysitter for her daughter.

The singer admitted that when the baby arrived, She couldn’t even consider hiring a babysitter because she was terrified of anybody other than her family being around her. She never had a nanny for Kulture.

Cardi and Offset started dating in early 2017, and they announced their engagement in October.

It was eventually uncovered that the couple had secretly married a month before the announcement of their engagement.

Cardi revealed that she was pregnant the next year, and she gave birth in July of that year.

The singer and her husband waited three years before admitting that they were expecting another kid, and Wave joined their family in September.

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