A 28-year-old university graduate was paralyzed when a chiropractor snapped four arteries during a routine appointment.

A Georgia Southern University graduate was paralysed when a chiropractor reportedly shattered four arteries during a regular neck pain treatment.

Caitlin Jensen, 28, is confined to a hospital bed and can only interact by blinking and wriggling her toes following the terrible occurrence on June 16.

The 28-year-old, who studied chemistry and biology in college, is claimed to have gone to the nameless facility for a neck adjustment.

She felt unwell immediately, however, and was brought to Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia, where it was discovered that four arteries in her neck had been severed.

Jensen suffered cardiac arrest, had a stroke, and lost her pulse for more than ten minutes before being brought back to life, only to discover she was mostly paralysed due to severe brain injury.

Her family has blamed the chiropractor and stated that they are attempting to get the recent graduate out of the hospital and into treatment at Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

The surgeon who saved her life, and every other doctor who has examined her, have all concurred that this occurred as a direct consequence of the neck manipulation, Jensen’s mother, Darlene Jensen, stated.

The chiropractor contacted 911 and then called her and said she was ‘having a response to the therapy,’ she continued.

Caleb Jensen, Jensen’s brother, explained that his sister is able to open her eyes and wake up a little bit every now and again. And move her hands to squeeze a little more. But that is all.

Linda Foster, a GoFundMe organiser, chronicled Jensen’s development over the previous month in a series of articles on the fundraising website.

She wrote that Caitlin Jensen graduated from Georgia Southern University in May with a degree in Chemistry and Biology, eager to pursue the American dream.

She was ecstatic about all the job chances and prospects that were ahead of her. Caitlin Jensen then went to the chiropractor on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

Caitlin fell unwell after a neck adjustment and was transported to the ER by ambulance. When she arrived, tests showed that she had four dissected arteries in her neck.

This injury resulted in cardiac arrest, a stroke, and a lack of pulse for more than 10 minutes, following which she was recovered.

After the physicians stabilised Caitlin, she was hurried to surgery. Doctors were able to patch some rips and insert a stent into one of the arteries.

Caitlin is presently in the neuro ICU at Memorial Hospital in Savannah, Georgia. She is very ill, and the trauma has caused traumatic brain damage.

Caitlin is currently aware and capable of responding to spoken directions by blinking her eyes and moving her left foot’s toes. The rest of her body, however, remains paralysed as a result of the damage.

Caitlin has a long road to rehabilitation, and as a college student with a very rudimentary health care plan, she will require major financial resources to get through it.

They ask that please shower Caitlin with prayers and happy energy, and probably give to this cause, she wrote.

Darlene Jensen, Jensen’s mom, posted a series of updates on the GoFundMe page detailing her daughter’s development as she fights her awful wounds.

They are  still in the 72 hour most important time window, and Caitlin is still highly critical and fragile, said one of the initial reports dated June 18.

Her MRI last night was completely negative. They realise they’re fighting an uphill battle to rescue their beloved baby, but they’re doing all they can.

Darlene stated in the same article that Caitlin momentarily opened her eyes and she is ‘100% confident that she SAW and HEARD’ her.

On June 29, she also posted an excited update, adding, ‘Caitlin’s face has gone wireless and that she received her peg tube (for feeding) today and lost the NG tube in her nose. 

The surgery went off without a hitch, and they’re delighted to be done with it. They’ll begin various medications in the morning to keep the stent clear of clots.

It will be two weeks tomorrow since they almost lost her. It’s incredibly amazing that she’s still alive. This incident has shocked her to the core of her existence.

She was up and aware when the mom arrived at 6 a.m. She has a tight grip on her left hand and is still trying to wiggle her toes.

She also tried something new: she can offer the slightest of head bobs. It’s easy to overlook, but she believes she saw her nod her head in response to her. They are still doing all in their power to get her into Shepherd.

They’re experiencing issues with the insurance aspect, and they really need things to work out. 

She reported on July 2 that her kid was ‘improving with her movements on the left side.’ She stated that she observed her daughter widening her ‘eyes widely to signify astonishment, and the left corner of her lips to try to grin.’

She said their beloved daughter may be fighting for her life, but she hasn’t lost her sense of humour. She tried her hardest to grin today, and it was the greatest sight she has ever seen.

Her child was smiling because she started playing Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, one of their favourite podcasts. She ‘smiled’ when she heard the opening music, which made the mom laugh, which made her do it again. It was a WIN for them.

Foster stated Jensen was “having a tough week” and urged guests not to come to the hospital this week a few days later, on July 7.

The 28-year-old was suffering bleeding around the incision from the feeding tube in her stomach at the time and needed extra sutures.

In addition, she had low blood pressure and hay fever. Then that night, someone inadvertently placed a vibration belt on her chest for pneumonia, Foster explained.

Because this loosened the stitches, surgeons had to come back up during the night and sew it again.

Darlene reported two days later that her daughter had been breathing on her own for more than eight hours, including a sleep.

They are overjoyed about it, she added.

Caitlyn’s most recent update was two days ago, on July 11.

Darlene wrote Good day, everyone… When Caitlin’s blood levels began to fall on Saturday, one of the anticoagulant medications was discontinued.

They also gave her medicine to aid with her stomach acid. Her levels steadied yesterday and have just slightly dipped today. As a result, we postponed the scope.

When Caitlin’s blood levels began to fall, one of the anticoagulant medications was discontinued. She was also given medicine to assist lower her stomach acid.

She noted that Her levels steadied yesterday and have just decreased little today. As a result, we postponed the scope.’

Jensen has now been in the hospital for 27 days, barely two months after finishing her biology and chemistry degree.

Darlene said in a Facebook post that she had planned to return to the classroom after working in Alaska for a while.

Caitlin’s medical bills GoFundMe page has received more than $46,000 with a target of $100,000 to aid with her treatment.

One Georgia chiropractor, who was not involved in the case, stated that situations like Jensen’s are ‘extremely unusual,’ with the majority of them resulting in ‘headache and neck discomfort.’

Once they’ve gone to the medical doctor or chiropractor, regrettably, a stroke will happen, said Dr. Steve Ranicki of Pooler.

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