Since she couldn’t find a babysitter, a teen mom brings her infant to prom as her date.

A TikTok video of a 16-year-old mom bringing her one-year-old son to prom as her date went viral when she couldn’t find a babysitter for him.

Melissa McCabe of Tranmere, Merseyside, was just 15 when she gave birth to her son Arthur, whom she has raised alone since November 2020. Despite facing criticism for becoming a mom at such a young age, with some accusing her of “ruining her life,” Melissa has praised Arthur as her “greatest blessing.”

Melissa revealed on TikTok that she had brought the youngster to prom as her date, and she posted a video of the two in their fine clothes.

At the start of the video, a statement across the screen reads, everyone goes to prom with their lover, however she took her greatest blessing.

The video, which had 1.6 million views, received a flood of supportive comments from social media users who commended Melissa for being the ‘greatest mother’ and described Arthur as ‘sweet.’

However, not every comment Melissa has gotten during her pregnancy and parenting has been complimentary.

She expressed that when she discovered she was pregnant, clearly she was pretty young. It was difficult since everybody told her she was wasting her life and that she wouldn’t be able to complete her GCSEs. When she is out with him, so many individuals make comments.

Individuals frequently mistake him for her younger brother, and when she informs them he’s hers, their perspective dramatically changes. Older folks, in particular, find it repulsive since their way was definitely to get married first and then have children.

Melissa, who recently finished her GCSEs and will begin college in September to study Health and Social Care, currently hopes to dispel the shame of being a teen mother.

She routinely makes videos about her life with Arthur, detailing the struggles of parenthood as well as how much she adores her baby, whom she refers to as her “best friend.”

TikTok fans flocked to Melissa’s prom video’s comments section to pour congratulations on the young mother and her kid.

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‘Omg you are the finest mother, the most attractive person I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, and the most blessed person ever,’ one commented.

‘This is the cutest…he looks so pleased in his tiny outfit,’ said another.

‘Best date you could have,’ wrote a third.

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