Catering Worker Is Told That Overtime Is Canceled, So They Comply Maliciously And Leave As Soon As Their Shift Is Over.

Source: Reddit

Many years ago, I worked for a cafeteria/catering company. The catering was much the more lucrative of the two. Between mealtimes we would work on catering projects. This would often run us past the end of our shift, resulting in overtime.

One of the management team, recently promoted, decided his thing was going to be eliminating overtime. He held a meeting and announced to the staff there would be no more overtime. Clock out at shift’s end, no exceptions.

After, he got me aside and told me as a supervisor, I was expected to set an example. Ok, sure. A couple days later, I was working on a cheese display. When my shift’s end came around, I put everything down, walked to the clock and swiped my card. I hear, “Hey, where are you going? That’s not finished!” “No, but my shift is. I’m setting an example.” I answered.

“Well, go finish it.”

“I can’t. I’m off work now.” And left.

The next day it was announced that all projects underway at the time would be allowed to be finished regardless of time, as long as it wasn’t abused. In other words, no foot dragging.

Turns out all the hourly employees also left, and he had to finish several projects by himself. Since he was on salary, there was no overtime for him. I understand he stayed quite late.

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