Woman Refuses To Remove Her Rose Garden, So Allergic Neighbor Takes Care Of It Herself And Gets The Cops Called On Her.

Good neighbours are priceless. Having good neighbours is one of the keys to having a peaceful environment. Unpleasant neighbors are a relatively widespread issue all around the world and throughout history. Read the story and let us know how you would handle such a situation if they were your neighbours.

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So I (25F) have lived in my house my entire life. My parents moved and gave it to me when I turned 21. Ever since I was born, we have had roses in our yard.

Well I recently got a new neighbor (31F) and she is apparently allergic to my roses. She lives right next door and won’t stop complaining about my roses.

I don’t want to get rid of them. I think she should’ve considered that I had plants when she first went to buy the house. It’s not like it was the cheapest option or anything, I live in a pretty expensive neighborhood.

A few days ago I came home from work and found pieces of my rose bush on the ground. At first I thought nothing of it, but it kept happening. I decided to get a camera in my front yard so I would know what was going on.

I came home yesterday and checked the cameras, and there she is. Clear as day you could see my neighbor (wearing some mask) chopping away at my bushes.

I was obviously outraged when I saw the footage and went up to her door and threatened to call the police if I saw her do it again. She called me selfish and rude, that I should have taken the roses out because she was allergic.

I’m not getting rid of my roses. It’s not my fault she’s allergic and chose to buy a house next to someone who grows roses. She says that she could get hurt, but I don’t think it’s my problem. I need some advice on if I’m wrong. What should I Do? 

Edit: So I called the cops last night, and I am going to be pressing charges for trespassing and destruction of private property. I also asked her why she didn’t just use some kind of anti allergen and she said she “couldn’t trust doctors with her diagnosis” whatever that means.

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