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Marie Osmond Turns 63 Yrs — She Has Spent 12 of Them Grieving Loss of ‘Sweet’ Son Who Took His Own Life.

Mary Osmond, the singer, actress, and author, turned 63 on Thursday, October 13. She spent the day with her family and shared her experience with her social media followers. Many of her fans wished her a happy birthday as well.

Her two children planned to surprise their mom on her birthday with her favorite dessert. In one shot, she is holding a birthday banana cream pie with one of her daughters on one side and a hat on the other.

My daughters, Rachael and Jessica made my favorite birthday present. Rachael’s homemade banana cream pie!!!! I asked Rachael to get in the photo with us…😂her hat was all she’d allowed to be in the picture🤣🧢

Posted by Marie Osmond on Thursday, 13 October 2022

However, two days before this joyous occasion, the “Dancing with the Stars” star wrote a tragic message. On October 10, Osmond posted a tribute to her son, who died 12 years ago.

Micheal Blosil, Osmond’s son, committed himself at the age of 17. On February 28, 2010, the occurrence occurred. Despite the passage of time, Osmond still experiences the hurt. In her article devoted to him, she stated that he was too little to understand that things improve.

She also stated in the post that everybody goes through difficult times and that hardship will be overcome. She advised anybody experiencing the same difficulties as her son not to give up and reminded them that they are loved and would be missed.

It’s been 12 years since my sweet Michael passed away. He fought depression for much of his life and was only 17 when he…

Posted by Marie Osmond on Monday, 10 October 2022

Blosil was one of 5 kids adopted by Osmond. His mom was conscious of his depressed tendencies and attempted to communicate with him. Blosil had a particularly difficult time following his parents’ divorce, yet his death was nevertheless unanticipated.

2007 was a difficult year for Osmond. The musician had to deal with almost insurmountable challenges. Her 20-year marriage to Brian Blosil ended, her father died, and her son entered rehab.

Osmond married her spouse in 1986 and they had seven kids, five of them were adopted. However, the last 20 years of her marriage were a nightmare for the “Paper Roses” singer.

Her kids could tell how the marriage was affecting her and begged her to leave. Eventually, when a fire destroyed their home, Osmond decided to leave her terrible marriage. She walked away in 2007. In addition, Osmond’s dad died the same year.

Then, in November 2007, Osmond’s 16-year-old son, Micheal, checked himself into a rehabilitation clinic. His stay was unclear, although he was rehabilitating from substance addiction issues. Osmond spoke up for her son, saying- Michael is a remarkable young guy, as seen by his bravery in confronting his challenges. She couldn’t be prouder of him as his mom.

Osmond mentioned that her kid was going through a difficult period. Blosil was evidently suffering with adoption concerns, as well as melancholy, during the time of Osmond’s divorce.

The unexpected happened in 2010. Blosil chose to commit suicide after a lengthy fight with despair. The boy was apparently repeatedly bullied, which led to his death.

Because Osmond had experienced postpartum depression, she knew what her kid was going through. She recalls speaking with Blosil prior to his death. He informed her he didn’t have any friends and was miserable. The singer added that she promised him, she’ll be there Monday and everything will be OK. However, depression does not wait till Monday.

Despite his drug addiction problems, Blosil was apparently clean before his death. Friends and roommates reported he was entirely sober for the whole time leading up to his death, yet this was not his first attempt at suicide. At the time, everybody around him felt he was doing better.

Blosil died on Friday, February 26. Osmond also stated that she had proof of three students harassing Blosil through text messages, however that she would not use it negatively.

Blosil’s death broke the author’s heart, which was understandable. She stated that she had been through a lot in her life, but this was the most difficult. She sought peace in her singing profession, telling herself that her kid would desire for her to continue doing what she enjoys.

Osmond says she frequently considers what she could have done better. Things may have occurred differently if she had merely done something else in the scenario. Her final chat with Blosil had also stayed with her. She revealed that what if she just put him on a plane and told him to come be with her, or gone there? she wondered. She believes that if one lives in ‘what ifs,’ one stops living.

However, Osmond has attempted to move on following her son’s death. Many folks assumed she was weird for returning to work so soon after Blosil’s death, but she expressed that singing was therapeutic for her. She claimed that if she had stopped, she might never have begun again.

Following Blosil’s passing, the Grammy nominee recognized how crucial her family is to her. She began checking in on each of her kids to make sure that they were doing well.

Osmond made an effort to maintain positive relationships with each of her children. Her children’s proximity to one another is also significant to her. She wants them to be there for each other when she isn’t around.

She stated-that since one is wondering if one’s kids will be with one when one dies. Will they continue to communicate? And she is confident they will.

Osmond is a talented vocalist with a book and a few acting credits to her name. Regardless, she adds, of all the medals and accolades that she has been graced with throughout her life, nothing compares to the blessings she receives from being a mother to her eight kids.

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