Catholic School Makes Two LGBT Teachers Resign After They Got Engaged, The Students Stage A Massive Walkout.

Each one should be able to honor their identity, sexuality and heart at all times. Whether an individual is gay or lesbian, he/she should be treated with love and respect just like everyone else.

English teacher Paul Danforth and soccer coach Michelle Beattie both had to quit their jobs in Kennedy Catholic High soon after they got engaged to their same-sex partners.

Danforth’s fiance Sean Nyberg said that Danforth was forced to resign after he got engaged at Disneyland on November 1. However, the school insisted that these teachers voluntarily quit.

On hearing this the students in protest walked out the hallways of their school. The protest continued outside the school’s front lawn where the students were joined by their parents.

There is a contract signed by the teachers who join the school stating that the school can expel a teacher if the teacher’s lifestyle is unsuitable with Catholic moral values or if his/her conduct is at variance with catholic teaching. Few parents were aware of this policy but never imagined the school would actually impose it.

Posted by Rob Miller on Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Erika Dubois, mother of a student who helped to plan the walkout, expressed that the school is sending a wrong message of “we love you but can’t employ you” to the LGBTQ students.

Danforth’s fiance Sean Nyberg was touched and surprised by the students’ courageous behavior.

I Hope the school solves this issue and learns to love one another as they are. Let people love whom they want to. Respect each one’s decision.

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