Mum Donates Milk After Stillbirth To Help Poorly Babies.

A mother’s milk is the first thing a baby needs. The milk from the breasts of a mother is believed to be the bestest healer and nutrition for the little ones. Read the story below of a wonderful lady trying to help and support other families at a difficult time.

Janet Hobbs, mother of three from Wellington, Somerset had taken a breastfeeding peer support course after she struggled to feed Livy her first child. She always knew she would donate her breastmilk with her second child Immy but sadly Immy was still born.

Around six litres of milk Mrs. Hobb produced which was donated to the milk bank in Bristol. It provides 12 neonatal units in the South West, these breast milk is considered as the “next best nutrition” and are given to premature or vulnerable babies if a mother cannot produce her own milk.

In England it is the only regional service and is funded by the NHS, while the dept in Tiverton is run by a non profitable company, Healthy Babies UK.

Mrs. Hobb was suggested drugs to stop the milk but the mom felt there should be an imprint on the world from her. She expressed that her eldest child Livy saw it and helped her by pressing the pump button on, getting the bottles and helping her label it and then keeping it in the freezer.

Mrs. Hobb hoped donating the milk would be useful to the tiny little angels and the families so that their child could live and have a different story to tell unlike theirs.

13 months after Immy the mom delightedly gave birth to their son Barnaby and had decided then too to donate breast milk. She expressed that the milk donation process was really easy through Healthy Babies since the support she received from them. She could also make donations near to her home in Somerset.

The benefits and importance of a mother’s milk is needed especially in NICU with such tiny babies. It’s not necessary that the breastmilk should be from the child’s mother itself.

Please do share this beautiful story and let’s bring awareness to donating breast milk for mom’s who can’t produce their milk and want to provide their child breast milk. 

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