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Cat’s Meowing Leads Police To Missing 83-Year-Old Woman Who Fell Into Ravine.

Cats have a way of taking over your heart. Nothing can match their instincts. They jump into action. They assist you to come out of a critical emergency. Here in this case, a cat’s meowing guided the police team to locate the spot in a ravine where a missing 83-year-old woman had fallen.

On August 14, in England, the Bodmin Police, went on a search for an elderly lady who had gone missing in that area. Soon they got a breakthrough, but it was from an unexpected source. A local resident happened to hear a cat ceaselessly meowing, sitting at the corner of a vast maize field.

Soon, the local lady recognized that it was Piran. She also realized that the cat was owned by the missing woman — and the cat in his own way was meowing. He was perhaps trying to indicate the whereabouts of his beloved mistress.

It so happened that the 83-year-old lady had fallen into an embankment in the field close to her home.

“The elderly female had fallen approximately 70ft down a very steep embankment, with incredibly difficult access and uneven terrain,” Bodmin Police wrote.

Once the missing lady was located, within a few minutes, Bodmin Police and Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service sprung into action & lifted her out of the ravine. Thus they succeeded in getting her out.

Once she was taken out, Cornwall Air Ambulance quickly flew her to the hospital. Her vital signs were reportedly within normal limits as per an update received from the hospital. The lady seems to be “in good spirits”. She is treated well in the hospital.

It was a great job done by all the emergency services, who teamed together relentlessly and Piran, the cat particularly deserves a big thanks remarked the local resident appreciatingly. The end result could have been worse. However the worst was averted.

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