Mark Wahlberg Confronts DJ At Daddy Daughter Dance Over Trashy Music.

Being a dad is quite challenging. They teach, love, support, pick us up when we fall and give us motivation when we need it.

Besides being a singer Mark Wahlberg is one the finest actors in Hollywood. Every few in Hollywood are strong about their faith and share it openly to their fans. He has been raising his four children with traditional values.

The actor shared to Ellen DeGeneres about an incident he attended with his youngest daughter Grace in the Daddy Daughter Dance. His daughter was a bit nervous if he would do his dance moves that he did in his 90s hit “Good Vibrations.”

He told her he would go the whole big circle dance and go off. But his daughter already warned him not to embarrass him or she won’t talk to him again. Instead she cutely hung out with me the whole time.

Wahlberg understands that on the radio not many songs are meant for young children like Grace age. Edited versions of certain songs are available where the language has been toned down for the radio or events like this.

However, the dad in Mark was in action when he heard the lyrics to a song which was inappropriate for young children to listen to. He immediately informed the DJ who thought it was an edited version.

And Mark in his words, “What are you doing” I’m hearing F-bombs and this and that’s not okay,” The DJ didn’t realise it. He quickly changed the song. In the end what matters is the father daughter had a good time together.

At times we are so busy we do not realize what our kids listen or watch. However in this situation Wahlberg stepped in and scenario. It is the parents duty to protect their children. Wahlberg just did that. Mark Wahlberg is truly a precious Hollywood gem.

Watch the video and share it if you agree he is a wonderful dad who stood up for his daughters and all other kids too.

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