Celebrities show support for Johnny Depp as he wins defamation trial against Amber Heard

On Wednesday, jury member gotten a judgment in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard denouncement hearing. They establish that both accountable for offending the other and awarding them millions in compensations.

After the judgment, stars including Sharon Osbourne, Ashley Benson and Meghan McCain weighed in.

Reacting to it on a show, Sharon Osbourne was seemingly surprised by the decision. She said that it wasn’t what she was imagining and added that she sought Depp to win but she didn’t anticipate him to.

Soon after the decision was declared, Benson shared a photo of Depp on Instagram, wearing sunglasses and waving, captioning it “YESSSSS” with numerous black heart emojis. She also shared Depp’s statement on her Instagram story. 

Amy Schumer displayed a quote from women’s libber Gloria Steinem on Instagram roughly one hour after the decision was declared, apparently referring to the hearing’s judgment devoid of openly referencing Depp or Heard in her post. 

Laurie Holden, who acting Crimson Countess in the forthcoming season of “The Boys” acclaimed the decision on Twitter. She wrote that justice was served and further added that the decision of the judges sent a message to the world that exploitation has no gender and that truths really do matter.

Previous “The View” co-host Meghan McCain apparently responded to the judgment on Twitter. She wrote in a tweet that “MeToo is dead”.

Ellis, who acted as Lieutenant Commander Groves in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, took to social media to backing his former co-star.

He wrote in a tweet “Plant your flag for Johnny Depp” accompanied by a pirate flag emoji.

In the remarks of Depp’s post, which comprised his declaration on the decision, comedian Morgana Robinson mentioned with a row of red heart emojis.

Model and actor Naomi Campbell responded to Depp’s post with backing. She stated under Depp’s post that shared his post-judgement statement on Instagram, leaving four red heart emojis. 

Campbell earlier commented on the hearing on her Instagram Story following her friend Kate Moss’ testament.

The post comprised a screenshot of a piece about Moss’ testament, in which she said that Depp had not pushed her down the staircases in the course of their relationship, a buzz Heard had referred to earlier in the hearing while giving evidence.

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