Mum welcomes son in ocean ‘free birth’ – but some claim it’s not ‘sanitary’

Despite claims from some that it was not “sanitary,” a mother who gave birth to her baby in the water said the experience was stress-free and made her feel fantastic.

Josy Peukert, 37, went viral after posting a video on Instagram of her and her boyfriend driving to the coastline of Paya Majagual in Nicaragua so the lady could give birth in the ocean with the waves lapping at her back.

The video, which has been seen over 200,000 times, also revealed Josy having contractions, and while she appeared to be in agony in the footage, the mother says that the rhythm of the waves paired with her contractions made for a very great experience.

She stated, the waves followed the same pattern as the contractions, and the smooth flow made her feel great. She had this vision in her brain that she wanted to give birth in the water, and since the circumstances were ideal on the day, she did just that.

When she realized her labor was beginning, she and her partner Benni Cornelius, 42, traveled to the beach with a birthing gear package that included towels, a dish with a sieve to catch the placenta, gauze, and paper towels.

On February 27, Josy and Benni received their baby, Bodhi Amor Ocean Cornelius, in the ocean before packing up and traveling back home. And the mother claims her childbirth journey was “stress-free” with no physicians or midwives present, which was a significant shift for her compared to prior labors.

She explained, after Bodhi was delivered and she was covered in towels, she went back into the ocean to refresh herself. Then she dressed, and they packed everything and drove home, where the three of us promptly went to bed.

She just wanted to be stress free for a change. Her first delivery was horrific at a clinic, and her second was at home, though by the third, even a midwife at home was too much.

She had no doctor’s appointments, scans, or outside influence this time. She didn’t have a due date or a timetable for the baby to come; we simply believed that it would arrive. She had no anxieties or fears about welcoming a new tiny soul into their life; it was just she, her spouse, and the waves. It was stunning. The warm volcanic sand between her feet reminded her that there is nothing between heaven and earth but life.

Josy posted the video to her Instagram account, @raggapunzel, two days after Bodhi’s delivery, where she was inundated with messages from individuals concerned about the baby’s birth being “sanitary.”

Someone inquired: “Is this hygienic? The water is filled with bacteria.”

“What a shock for baby bubba — from a warm womb to the cold ocean,” one person commented.

But the mother promptly replied to the criticism, claiming that her kid is “absolutely healthy” and that all necessary precautions were followed to guarantee the ocean delivery was safe.

She explained, Bodhi was delivered in the midday sun when it was around 35 degrees, they weren’t afraid at all that he’d be chilly, and she had no fears about waterborne illnesses. He is absolutely healthy.

She performed all the research she needed to make sure it was safe. Water is a known medical barrier. She wanted to feel entirely connected to this baby and herself by providing self-directed care. This pregnancy was the best gift they could have hoped for.

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