Cheerleader, 17, has cardiac arrest at sports event. Her mom saves her life.

When her daughter slipped into cardiac arrest while warming up for a cheerleading competition earlier this month, a mom in North Carolina rushed into action and started CPR.

Keianna Joe fell while preparing for the event, which her mom was attending.

She noticed her coach come sprinting out of the back door of the other building, yelling madly, get an ambulance! Call an ambulance. They need the ambulance here right now, Keianna’s mother, Andrea Joe, told in a March 15 interview.

Keianna was lifeless on the floor, suffering from cardiac arrest. Her mom, who said she couldn’t locate her daughter’s pulse, is a qualified medical assistant who acted immediately.

She said that she just took control. She know CPR and how to do this procedure. This is her kid, and must rescue her

Joe worked on Keianna for about ten minutes.

Joe also said that she was terrified when she saw her daughter.

Keianna required a shock, so a portable defibrillator was brought in.

‘Shock necessary,’ said the machine. Now, you know, she has been trained on these AEDs before, and they’ve never informed her, ‘Shock necessary,’ Joe recounted.

The shock, along with further CPR, helped Keianna’s heart beat again. Dr. Zeb Spector, who treated Keianna at Duke Children’s Hospital in Durham, North Carolina, said her mom was crucial in her survival.

Without delay, her mother shocked her daughter back into a normal rhythm and saved her life, he told.

Dr. Adam Kean of Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, who did not treat Keianna, recently told that cardiac arrest is the greatest cause of death among high school athletes. A heart attack, on the other hand, happens when blood flow to the heart is stopped.

Even though it is the most common cause, it is surprisingly unusual, Kean remarked. They estimate that one in every 30,000 infants dies from cardiac arrest each year, which seems really low. Yet it still amounts to around 2,000 kids in the US per year.

The most common cause of sudden cardiac arrest in adults is coronary artery disease. Nevertheless, in adolescents and teenagers, it is often caused by a previous cardiac ailment, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, long QT syndrome, or catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia, according to Kean.

Keianna was hospitalized for ten days because physicians couldn’t figure out what caused her heart arrest. A tiny defibrillator has been put in her chest. Her mom said that she cannot take Keianna’s survival for granted.

Joe said that she simply kept staring at her as she drove home from the hospital. And she had her hold her hand, and she just sobbed because she’s with her. She’s right next to her. Now she has her daughter, and it’s the finest feeling in the world.

Keianna described herself as fortunate and thankful for her mom.

She added that being in the hospital and away from her family was incredibly difficult for her. But there was one person who was constantly by her side, and she knew she was always there: her mother.

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