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Pierce Brosnan’s Wife Lost ‘Much Weight’ And Looks Radiant As They Show ‘There Is Still True Love’ In Photo.

Pierce Brosnan attributed the wonderful weather to the luck of the Irish, and was labeled a fortunate guy in the comments. The pair was lauded for serving as marriage role models and for doing a wonderful job of demonstrating that celebrity and money have no affect on maintaining a healthy relationship.

Keely Shaye Smith commented on Irish luck a few hours later when she shared a picture of her husband sitting alone in front of a sheep enclosure in Donegal with a rainbow bursting through gloomy clouds in the backdrop.

Fourteen years into their marriage, Brosnan told in March 2014 that he admires Smith’s vibrancy and passion and that she has a power that he could not live without. The actor, like a newlywed, confesses to feeling “weak” when his American spouse looks at him.

The “Mama Mia!” actor met the radio journalist three years after losing his first wife, Cassandra Harris, to ovarian cancer in December 1991.

In 1980, the Irishman and the Australian actress married. In the mid-1980s, they had a son, Sean, and the “Black Adam” actor adopted her two children from her previous marriage, Charlotte and Chris.

Smith, a model-turned-journalist, was at a party in Mexico to interview Ted Danson but ended up talking with Brosnan instead. They held hands on their first date a few days later, sitting beneath the stars while Kenny Loggins sang and fireworks erupted over their heads.

The former James Bond replied to a nasty viral Facebook post that contrasted the mom of five’s appearance from when she married the actor in 2001 to today, prompting a slew of fat-shaming comments.

Pierce Brosnan allegedly scolded a buddy who offered Smith weight-loss surgery and added that he firmly appreciated every curve of her body. He added that he is always striving to be worthy of her love and that he actually loves her as a person, not simply for her appearance.

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