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Hick Runs Biker Off Road, Physical Confrontation Is Captured On Video.

A pair of Arkansas motorbike enthusiasts, only named Jake and Daniel, were involved in a potentially fatal incident. Jake’s helmet had a GoPro camera attached to it, which recorded what happened and then put the video on YouTube.

It all began as Jake was riding his bike down a Camden street with his friend Daniel. The two were minding their own business when, suddenly, a vehicle arrived—and something was clearly wrong.

The vehicle was on the wrong side of the road, forcing Jake to veer into the road’s meager shoulder in an attempt to prevent a collision. The biker was compelled to ride dangerously close to the road’s edge, just missing a collision with a vehicle on his left or the grass on his right.

One can only imagine how frustrated Jake must have been, causing him to slam on the brakes and turn back. The rider, clearly irritated after being driven nearly entirely off the road, proceeded to approach the truck driver and figure out what had caused the incident.

Nevertheless, before Jake could think of anything, he saw the truck driver had likewise slammed on his brakes and was exiting his car. Despite the fact that he was the one who drove into oncoming traffic in an apparent effort to strike the bikers, he was yelling at Jake as if they had done something wrong.

Instead of apologizing to Jake and Daniel for almost running them over, the unidentified guy yelled at Jake, claiming he was “protecting his kids,” despite the fact that he had just placed their lives in jeopardy. Unfortunately for this punk, he was in for a little more than he bargained for as Daniel approached.

As enraged as Jake was, his annoyance evidently paled in contrast to Daniel’s. It was clear right away that Jake’s pal wasn’t in the mood to converse. While he wished this jerk knew how angry he was over what had occurred, an enraged Daniel didn’t need words to express his feelings.

Without warning, Daniel approached the pickup truck driver and headbutted him while his helmet was still on. Seeing red, the biker threw the bully to the ground without saying anything in retaliation for putting his and Jake’s lives in danger.

The driver continued his ridiculous rant, saying that having children in the pickup truck made him immune to culpability or penalty. Worse, he pretended to be doing the right thing, putting everybody’s lives in danger in an effort to make a very erroneous point.

This was evident in another video Jake shared. Jake released a follow-up video to better demonstrate the pickup truck driver’s stupidity. He demonstrates that 20 minutes before the event, he and Daniel drove past the man’s home as he waited in his driveway in his vehicle with his children loaded inside. That is what triggered him.

For unknown reasons, the father in the truck believed the motorcyclists posed a risk to his kids, who were in the vehicle when Jake and Daniel “flew” by. So he chose to drive around and search for them for 20 minutes. When he saw Jake and Daniel, he attempted to drive them off the road with his children, who were unbelted in his truck.

Because the motorcyclists were on the correct side of the road and he wasn’t, it appears that the disturbed father is the greatest threat to his children. This bully believed he had the right not only to veer into oncoming traffic with a truck filled with children, but also to imperil the lives of two motorcyclists who would be helpless against a truck.

Unfortunately for this jerk, he got exactly what he deserved when Daniel showed him that he wasn’t a person to deal with – and not many people disagree with what the biker did. This man had to learn the hard way that motorcycle riders don’t normally ride alone and are more than eager to watch out for one another.

Because of Daniel, this guy and others like him learned the consequences of picking a fight. Bullies may discover too late that they have begun a conflict they cannot win. Let’s hope the smack to the head knocked some sense into him and taught this brat all he needed to know about behaving like a fool and endangering everyone’s life. Perhaps, this individual learned his lesson in responsibility and might serve as a warning to any other hotheads out there who might contemplate doing the same.

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