Woman Warns Other Drivers After Feeling Like She Was Shot During Ride Home.

Tina Morales was afraid when traveling in a vehicle with her husband Kevin on the I-35 early one Sunday morning as the two were leaving downtown Austin, Texas. Something unexpectedly hit her as they were traveling back home with another couple.

Despite the fact that the couple was nowhere near an overpass, a massive block of concrete had been hurled at their vehicle, shattering the windshield and scattering glass everywhere. Tina was hit in the neck. Tina and Kevin, had just debated taking the top deck of I-35 due to all the recent rock-throwing events. However, this did not prevent them from being attacked near Rundberg Lane.

However, the assault was merely one of 41 rock-throwing occurrences along the same length of road. She was bleeding from the neck and had scrapes and swelling. In addition, she claims a bubble was discovered in her lung, necessitating a visit to a pulmonary doctor. While Kevin and Tina are relieved that it might have been worse, the event has left Tina traumatized and eager to alert others.

From nowhere, Kevin described how the rock smashed through the glass of their automobile. They were in the left lane, close to the median. Bang—it came through like a rocket, he remarked, adding that he and Tina will avoid the I-35 from now on since the rock-throwing incidents have escalated. That wasn’t from an overpass. That wasn’t simply a chance hit and a drop. Kevin believes the individual targeted a single moving car that was on its own.

Tina was shocked after being struck in the neck and at first did not understand what had hit her. She honestly believed she was shot. It’s insane. Just driving home, one doesn’t anticipate anything like this, Tina remarked.

Since it did not occur on a motorway bridge, this occurrence was distinctive and distinct from the dozens of others that had happened in the vicinity. So far, at least five individuals have been hurt as a result of the rock-throwing, and two of them are gravely injured. The majority of the rock-throwing events, according to reports, occur on weekends between 30th and 40th streets. But it’s unclear if all of the instances are connected, particularly this one, which occurred considerably farther north and was not near an overpass.

In this situation, they have not been able to identify anyone. She knows investigators have spoken with some folks and witnesses, but they’re having difficulties identifying someone, Austin Police Spokeswoman Veneza Bremner told following a similar incident the month before. The Morales, on the other hand, have some theories about what transpired in their case.

He jumped up and flung it when he spotted a solitary car by itself, Kevin Morales stated of the culprit. Or, if he’s in a car, there must be two individuals, one driving and one throwing, Kevin said.

One only needs to speak about building some fencing all along I-35. How far south and north should they go? One has to start somewhere, but something has to change, Kevin then urged, adding that raising awareness about the crisis is no longer enough and that more has to be done since the problem is expanding.

Law enforcement developed their own suggestions for reducing rock-throwing offenses, but they too encountered challenges. After the occurrences, Austin police investigated the possibility of installing additional cameras in the area, but discovered that it would be a costly endeavor. The 41 cameras that were already in operation at the time were said to cost $44,000 per year to maintain.

While nothing is known about the perpetrator, one thing is guaranteed: It’s a tragedy that an innocent individual was injured as a result of their foolish, unjustified assault. Moreover, a group is left to bear the consequences of someone else’s ethically bankrupt acts.

Since there are those who would perpetrate such a crime, a community will be compelled to make difficult judgments on whether citizens should be left exposed or if the expenditure of a fence or cameras is the best solution.

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