Cheerleaders Noticed Being Watched Decided To Do Something Special.

Story by Kettering City Schools

Here’s a great story, shared with us by Fairmont Cheer Coach, Carrie Kihn:

For two years now there has been a resident of The Carlyle House that watches soccer games out her windows and cheers for the Firebirds.

Our cheerleaders heard her rooting on the Firebirds one day, and started waving to her during every game. Earlier this year, a staff member came out and told the cheerleaders that the lady never has visitors, and cheering for the Firebirds at the soccer games is all she talks about.

This week the cheerleaders asked if they could visit the resident, and the staff member said yes…but outside only! The staff members told the resident that she had some visitors, but that she didn’t believe them, because “nobody ever comes to see me!”

To say that the resident was surprised when she came out and saw all the cheerleaders gathered there in the parking lot is an understatement!

They presented her with a cowbell, a set of pom-poms and a T-shirt. She was tickled, and they have made arrangements to visit again and to continue waving at her during every game.

Now how’s that for “We Are Firebirds” Spirit!?!

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